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number #8

hi yha !! denzuns !! myr lewis here we are SOOOO glad we made it up too yaya to the eight spot there WSOWW! thanks to u there .. right now we are waiting fer easter eggys to cool and simmer in the pot of bolin watered there .. happy easter and great Passover to all denzins in the st Louis county area and east st Louis too. get uz on kmox radio too call them to book uz there . well tell U stories from the past u never EVER heard before ! thanks again and keep it up !! mr lewis :))

every day is a great one at the chain of rocks lockys !

hi there denzinsd !! this is myr lewis here at the locks .when I was grown up here in granate city .I and brother wern .was always intersty in what those thing did .wow awesome I tell uu folkys ..yuppp ..wel lgot to get back to my songs like my indidna home!! pretty greta one I say so myself .gOSSHHH we yup too !! a robusty 6th place kepp IT yup u denzinds !! ill treat some gras wine there fer ya!!!! thanks to all and keep it going fer uz here at the boogyy archie !! lewis..

another day at beautiful arch!!

hello folks how are u were up to.. number9th in my home town of st louis !! wow thats a blast !! u knoe i been soo bussy lately that i have to have a concert comign soon on the 5th at 2pm at fountain colroasdo there at metcafe park there. w0w awesome trremendous . hope to hear from U denzins soon ohh were at ... NUMBEERRR#9 in stlouis thanks to all of my fans and friends in the st louis areas !!!!


NEWW boggy posty here w0w how is your 20-13 going fer ya folks . we are standin in the banks of the chian of rocks here doing some thin to our new song comin soon lewis !


well with all of the coughh smoke around me here . i decided .. to get a new .. song to dedicate here roguh cutt too now. what do ues expect for really old man like me ?? j bieber??hmm

new profile photo of the waldo canyon fires

we just got this in today here .ugh cough coughhy ugh smoke and soot ugh plaease stay away fro this and roll ur windys upp and turn on the a.c


hello my fellow denzins ! this is mr clark here to tell u fols happy week ahead ! from l&c2012 where we ONLY !! in the wholed worlded this kind of music here.. yepp . going to be anothered HOYT! day at the bank here .yup please get ur ..friends to back us UPP !! get street teams formed nOW!! god blessked u mr clark..

anopther great day here at the bigg ARCH!

it another denzin summer bummmer dqay! how are UU denzinss got another songy deal going this week . so listen up ! before mr clark get me here to do a ratt nest uggh .

wow ! another neew day here.in the fogg msit !

well its another .. new day here .mr leewis and i mr clark are taking turns from our other duites to come up ! what u denzins thinking .. song after song there and the song hits just keep rollin there w0w0w0w ! think abt cookin ?/ well u come to the right fellows here ! after 1803 with ms lewis yakkin away ita bit* h yah i tell well got run now for our BIGG audition here ..gosh im perrety there and all for these people (denzins) .gosd bless and wish us luck there lewis and clark 2012~!!

Gateway arch 2014
Gateway arch 2014  (almost 6 years ago)

hey folks . I have to tell u it .. was a "phony baloney " audition there if u know of any one here on reverb . let us know or give ur emailly address there god bless. lewis&clark2012


gateway arch new song there yepp im lewis&clark2012 homely guy my parents live in alton would U believe it yepp ! this is whole lot better than ken burns show .he makes bigg $$ buck for himself but not to consult me or my fam abt it .. ughh anyways thanks for letting me into your home there. i thank jon glenn for telling abt this deal so far j.d1958 not soo great there. i ahte to type here. so ill let u go for now andd keep in touch too . lewis&clark 2012 nxt song coming soon ! Follow mee.