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DISCOGRAPHY 1 Official Releases

Preface In order to maintain a complete yet practical catalog, there is one for the Official Releases from bands which are still catalog items at many distributors-physical and downloads. The other for demos and rarities from solo efforts and other side projects...many of which are available through my reverbnation store and/or itunes.

DISCOGRAPHY 1 Official Releases Official Release song catalog updated February 7, 2012

1991 GOON SKWAD Sex Crimes-soundtrack (Behrman Films) Sex Crimes title track to b-movie

1993 TICKWEASEL Tickweasel (indie) Urine Bobby BT3 Show Me Your Greenies

1993 TICKWEASEL Tickweasel (static) Augie meant it LMTYP Greenies

1993 TICKWEASEL Untitled (unreleased) Morgaswoag We're Not Buyin Urine Bobby BT3

1994 TICKWEASEL United We Jam-compilation (static) Augie Meant It select Detroit bands

1995 SOME PEOPLE’S CHILDREN (indie) Elect a King – single

1996 EXCEPTIONS Five Finger Discount (jumpup) Trailer Park Girl Sweet Georgia Peach Mean Ole Malley Sleepwalkin’ Crash Me, Me, Me Circles Boss' Wife Five Finger Discount Angel Oven This Sux

1997 ARTICLES Flip F'real (moon) Spred Satin Ska's the Limit

1997 EXCEPTIONS Ska American Style-compilation (jumpup) Box 2 new exclusive tracks Nasty

1997 EXCEPTIONS Move to the Ska Groove-compilation (leech) Me, Me, Me international ska bands

1998 EXCEPTIONS Smash Your Radio-compilation (jumpup) Sleepwalking jump-up sampler

1998 LIVONIA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Orchestra Hall with… (indie) The Works of Verdi w/ Ukrainian medal winners

1998 EXCEPTIONS Jumpup Skacore Best 2-compilation (jumpup) Trailer Park Girl Japanese import Mean Ole Malley Me, Me, Me Five Finger Discount

1999 EXCEPTIONS Jumpup Skacore Ska American Style Radio Show compilation (jumpup) Japanese import Box

1999 EXCEPTIONS Jumping Jet Scooter compilation (jumpup) Nasty Japanese import

2000 FIFTH QUARTER KINGS Attack of the Manfish (indie) Liquor Store Attack of the Manfish Projectile Vomit Swamp Donkey Kidney Thief Polka Hero Hardcore Gurl Anthem A$$I9 What I Like About You

2000 GANGSTER FUN Graphospasm (indie) You’re so Lame Til the Weekend Comes I’m Wearing Your Clothes What’s it Take to Turn You On Clean Freak Tyrone Rushmore Mr Mildew Desperate Man Anti-social Disease Don’t Put Your Hand on my Shoulder Half-wit

2005 PAULLY MOONBEAM Free From (indie) Hybrid Fish Drum Closet

2005 WE THE PEOPLE (Thank You) (indie) Soldier tribute compilation of varying genres arranged/performed/recorded the ska version (track 5) as solo artist John Kachnowski

2006 "TRAP" Movie Soundtrack(Warner Home Video, J.Bonner Dir.) various music interludes in score as well as with Some People Children performing during credits: Elect a King

2007 PAULLY MOONBEAM Top Ten (indie) Hybrid Fish Moshtown

2008: "BATTLE OF THE BANDS" video game soundtrack for Wii Game System(Wii and THQ Inc.) Brickhouse (for Dave Minnick's arrangement)

2008 NATIONAL GHOST self titled cd (midwest coast) Salamander intro Ice Cream Head Show

2009 pending release THE SURSIKS Suave Side of the Moon (pending release through Crabid/3volution) *a lounge version of Pink Floyd album Breathe On the Run Time Great Gig in the Sky Money Us and Them Any Colour You Like Brain Damage Eclipse

2010 in post production MATHEW BARNEY Ancient Evenings (KHU) Movie Soundtrack Soundtrack filmed/recorded. Matthew Barney & Jonathan Bepler

2012 VIC DUMONTE'S PERSONA NON GRATA title TBD (Go Down Records) In the Pocket

DISCOGRAPHY 2 Homebrew/Demos

DISCOGRAPHY 2 Homebrew/Demos The Homebrew Sessions - some may be missing, but not forgotten... Many are in the Reverbnation store, some were Myspace exclusives, others strictly for the diehards that have copies circulated outside of my basement: updated February 7, 2012

1994 LEFT ON GLORIA Force Fed Life

1994 HODGE PODGE Volume One (trainwreckords) Supergoose Autumn The Serpent Heart in Pieces GS1 How Do(remix w/ Some People's Children) Goodbye

1995 AOWMB (America's Other White Meat Band) Nine and One Half Weeks Substitute Taj Mahal Suite

1996 LEFT ON GLORIA Horn Tune

1996 EXCEPTIONS (unreleased) Peter Gunn

1998 COLD INNER CIRCUITS (featuring P.Moonbeam) Cold Inner Circuits (Trainwreckords) Tank Sweet Misery Flyin High Romantic Wedding You’ll Come Back

2001 EXCEPTIONS Untitled cd-ep (unreleased) Don't Leave me Hangin' Rip-off Artist Two Room Flat Man in a Suitcase Eyeballs Lounge Lizard Angel '98 Oven - full length Remix

2001 HODGE PODGE Mythical Monsters (trainwreckords) The Juice Message to OJ The Piper Disco Polka What Kind of… Groove Excursion Sick Dog Brotherhood No One Needs…

2002 HODGE PODGE Melodies and Maladies (trainwreckords) Soundcheck She Just Happened Pattycake Carpet Diem Memories Pfantom Gruv

2003 JOHN KACHNOWSKI With One Exception - A (trainwreckords) Get Outta My Head Super Duper Nacho Love Machine The One Who Knows

2007 HODGE PODGE With One Exception - B (trainwreckords) My Favorite Song

2007 NATIONAL GHOST (horn mix demos 1) Sparks Modern Girl v1 - JK Horn version Modern Girl v2 - full horn section version Nosferazzi 2008 JOHN KACHNOWSKI With One Exception - C (trainwreckords) I Believe In Me(IBIM) Butterfly Oliver Reed 2

2008 JOHN KACHNOWSKI with Others (horn mix demos) Life Sux/Now (for Jason Scheff/Jaron Lowenstein) Sulvan Creek (for Jason Scheff/Keith Howland) Someone (for James Gedeon)

2008 NATIONAL GHOST (horn mix demos 2) Ice Cream Head Break You (outro)

2009 - for web release JOHN KACHNOWSKI With One Exception - D (trainwreckords) Fattitude Crash Presence, Presents Pictures of the Past 2009 JOHN KACHNOWSKI with Others Spanish Angel (for Jason Scheff) Heart of Mine (for Jason Scheff) Someday Susan (for Chas Sandford)

2010 - for web release streaming JOHN KACHNOWSKI It's Only Me Donkey

2011 JOHN KACHNOWSKI Hodge Podge Volume 2 (trainwreckords) Reverbnation Store Exclusive Supergoose Autumn The Serpent Fattitude Donkey Presence, Presents GS1 How Do(remix w/ Some People's Children) Goodbye Crash I Believe In Me(IBIM) Oliver Reed 2 Get Outta My Head Super Duper Nacho Love Machine Pictures of the Past Carpet Diem

2012 JOHN KACHNOWSKI with Others (horn mix demos) Not Afraid (for Luis Resto)