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Back In The Studio

Sooo... Im back in the studio and it feels amazing! Im sure I can speak for all muscians when I say that. There's really nothing quite like being in that little box, telling the world how you're feeling... Ok, both scary and amazing lol. Cant wait for everyone to hear what Im working on! Stay tuned :)

New Song!

Hey Everybody I just finished a brand new song! On the sexier side... I think it came out great. Thank you to Jeremy Rodriguez and Trevor Mayfield for making me sound good!

Ok California

Ok all my California friends, I will be singing in Thousand Oaks finally starting the second week of January. Come by Mastros and say hello :)

Happy New Year!

To all my talented musician friends,

Have a wonderful and fun new years! Play your shows like never before and never forget why we chose to do this in the first place, because it's in our blood and we love it!

Love you all!

Katie xoxo

The Big Gig Show Interview

Hey all,

I just got finished doing an interview with David Farnham with "The Big Gig Show" A fun radio program where local entertainers get to come on and talk a little about where they've come from from, where they've been and where their going :) I thought David asked some amazing and interesting questions and I had an absolute blast. im very honored that i was asked to be a guest. So this pretty much sums up my life. Go on, have a listen :)


Great Piano Player!

Another great weekend at the Mastros Restaurants in CA. This time however was even better because I actually got to play with my normal piano player Angelo Arce! Had people up dancing in the middle of the restaurant! (This is extremely fine dinning mind you) The best part was getting busted for playing the Macarena. Guest can dance on the bar but we cant play the Macarena? Geesh! Fun weekend filled with great people!


Great Weekend

My first weekend out in Newport Beach was amazing. Fingers crossed I get to do it again next week. Our sound was a bit off because I had to do it myself... eeek! Oh well. If any one knows a good sound guy in that area let me know! :) @KatieDixMusic


Hey California artis, I'll be out in california this weekend singing at Mastros In Newport Beach and Costa Mesa come have a drink and say hello :)


Hey everyone,

I just joined the Twitter Family! Follow me @KatieDixMusic