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new track

Next new track from the new DarkSiders E.P. is released on Friday 19th of July.Keep a look out for it friends


Cabin In The Woods is now available to download

DarkSide of the moon

Right then friends. Here's the first full length track from the new DarkSiders E.P. which is titled " Tales From The Darkside". Titled as such because each song tells a different story that takes place in a parallel universe that i like to call "The DarkSide" kind of a musical version of the twilight zone/outta limits etc. I'd like to dedicate this E.P. to my missus Kristian Roach who's had to put up with all my shouting and screaming at the computer when things didn't quite go to plan.she's got the patience of a saint ( Thanks babe) xx. The first track is called "Darkside Of The Moon" Enjoy friends ,I've worked extremely hard on this E.P.Only available to play for the first week on Reverberation .Available to download on week 2. All friends if you could please press play just once a day I'm sure we can top the Reverbnation hip hop charts.Also thanks to "Rapster Tee" aka Terry Cooper for the addition of the chorus vocals on this track - much appreciated Enjoy peoples http://www.reverbnation.com/colonelbodybag/song/17731683-darkside-of-the-moon