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Album Give-A-Way

As a new face on the music scene, we know it's difficult to get the music out to the listeners. So... why not just give it away? That's exactly what we're going to do. Starting May 1st, we're going to give away one song each day from our debut album, "Emotional Supernova", at www.MegarushBand.com Right now, you can download the first single from the album, entitled "What She Likes To Do" at: https://www.facebook.com/megarushband?v=app_190322544333196 ROCK ON!!

Let's Get It On!!

Megarush is proud to join the fantastic artists on REVERBNATION and we're looking forward to many great live shows during 2012. If you've not heard us before, check out our single "What She Likes To Do" that can be streamed right here on REVERBNATION!! If you're ready for some great live rock shows to come your way, then LET'S GET IT ON!!