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For the first time in our humble history, we've produced a video! Please check it out!!!

Record Labal Submit...BULLSHIT!!!

RN fans and friends, watch your shit with the internet! Record Label Submit dude (RN user Virgin Records International, gay) sent us a message as I'm sure many of you have recieved, telling us he's some A&R guy at Virgin and recommends Record Label Submits janky ass website to support our music industry endeavors. Don't fall for this fakes BS! Send this ass a message saying that you won't be falling for the banana in the tailpipe trick, trick!

I repeat: www.recordlabelsubmit.com is bogus. Now back to your bagels and Nova Lox.

New Show Dates

It's on! Ukiah Brewery Show with Some of the Truest on April 20th and Shanachie Pub Show with Alyra on Cinco de Mayo (that's May 5th, lol)! Check out our events and show up with your hot girlfriends!

Working on booking gigs for Ukiah Brewery and Shanachie's Pub in Willits.

Keep checking back for more updates as we continue to work on getting it all out there.

14 Days to Showtime

Soulevity is comprised of a group of musicians from Mendocino County who have such diverse tastes in music and the art of making music. One of the most influential music acts for Soulevity has been the internationally known band Fishbone. On Saturday, March 24th, we get to open their next performance over at the Caspar Inn on the Mendocino Coast and we are just too excited about it! We hope to see all our Mendonites representing Percy, Willits, Fort Bragg, Redwood Valley and Ukiah at the show and we can't wait to see FIshbone live!!!

Coming out of sebatical

It's been a long time for us to get back on the rack and putting our sound back out to our fans. We can't wait to open for Fishbone on March 24th, one of our favorite bands!