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Song meanings

All lyrics are straight forward, but if you are curious as to the meaning of some titles, please ask!

Downloads coming soon!

As previously mentioned I have someone pretty great contributing to one of two tunes (false mem, predator). Scott is reworking all tracks and putting some time into Admonition and False Mem. When he is done, all songs will be made for free download. Thanks for listening! And reading this!

Recording complete

LDR is the title of the 7 finished songs posted. Predator (formerly Unromantic), TUG!, Admonition, False Memory, Hi Lucky, The Lick and Promises. Enjoy! Some remixing still in the works, and musical contribution from a loved musical hero of mine soon.

Digital Noise Academy

Here is the link! Contribute if you can. There rewards are unique and a great opportunity for fans to be closer to the music that inspires them.


Studio Time Booked!

Its official! I will spend 3 days in December at pulse river studio in South Dakota. Again the goal being 3 to 4 good songs completed.

Needing so much

I need outside input. I've become creatively corrupt. I cannot record myself as I am impatient and unfamiliar and obviously non computer savy and technically flawed. What to do?