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New News!!!

Hello ya'lls...all kinds of new things going on here on the interwebs regarding my acceleration with this craft. I bring to you some new flavor to savor from the risen savior. I now have a website www.jaylucasacousticness.weebly.com and a youtube channel www.youtube.com/channel/UCizLf2vbkYrVRfiUs97XRmA ...I know I know...took long enough!!! Well anyways, stay tuned for more updates on where this thing is going...watch out because it may end up in a venue near you!!! Peace and blessings-Jay Lucas Acousticness


Blogiddy blog blog.

Summer of artistic drought...

So yeah, this summer was a bust. No shows. I have been doing the jobby job thing and have not picked up the guitar for more than a few minutes for a year now. Help!!! LOL. Been there done that. I will rise above this block, this drought, this identity crisis. Time to write some new stuff. Possibly w/some of you? Always interested in collaboration with other talented peeps. Peace.

Time for Revival...

It is time for revival!!! Jesus IS the risen savior!!! Accept Him into your heart and declare Him KING of your life! With this transformation your life will be spared and eternal life WILL be yours! Amen.

Up To Speed...

Well folks, it's been busy busy busy so I haven't really had a chance to get on here. With my new job, girl, and mountain biking season here I really have put the music on the back burner. But, I'm here to tell you that I am now back and there are some goodies coming this way soon...keep the faith...peace and God bless you all! :-)

Jay Lucas(Acousticness)

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