New album - slow process, but worth the wait!

Thank you for the kind words and support, the new album is on hold, i am working on some new compositions and some will include other musicians, stay tuned.

World premier of What lies beyond the clouydsd - by A pleasantb symmetry

This new work is being presented via acidplanet.com Happy New year!


A P leasant Symmetry releases it's first album.

A Pleasant Symmetry / One Universal Language

1. One universal language pt 5 2. The traveler 3. HYPER-ORCH-1 4. Tension extension 5. Time for departure 6. Echoes of our memories 7. Loving arms to hold me- Time 30 8.What lies beyond the clouds 9. The voice within 10. Different worlds 11. Beyond the shores of time 12. One universal language pt 2 13. BOOM Download with full album artwork for only 4.95 at: http://www.darkryders.com/A%20Pleasant%20Symmetry.html

A Pleasant Symmetry music

More music to come ,please check out the tunes and expect new tunes very soon. Plans are still in the works for a new album , stay tuned.