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Thank you! I've been sort of deep underground in New Hampshire without wifi or gigs and to know my music has reached the hungry ears it's made for is very satisfying. I believe music is group therapy and the web creates the group out of all our humble outposts. If you'd like to support my craft, my all-original album is available here: https://dagshaw.bandcamp.com/album/panflash And if currency is below you, there are tons of free recordings I've put all over the place, locatable with a search of "Dag Shaw" (it will say "did you mean dog show?" No you didn't mean that) Archive.org, soundcloud, reverbnation, Number1Music and a slew of other sites have many of my recordings for free. Thank you again for listening and may the day unfold great things for you

Love, Diggy

Buy my All-Original album here (mp3 only): http://dagshaw.bandcamp.com

Buy my All-Original album here (mp3 only): http://dagshaw.bandcamp.com

dag shaw

the purpose of art is to relate, in the common but indescribable way, that which is human in at least the honest of us. It is not always a current matter...in fact it is usually very much uncurrent...for as far as i know most artistic types, whether they could admit to artism or not, are altogether separate from currency in their art...until later, of course. In retrospect we all have a bit of, as one might call it, "currency exchange", in our revelations and whatnot of the past and delusions of the future. Either way, here is to art. Thank you.