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muse show

So we got a show at muse with the band king niko. its actually really awesome! it was a contest for the most likes on a comment. sure enough after a while, we won. So we have been spending a lot of time preparing for the show! There is this new song called Fade away that we have been practicing just for this show. Its actually a really a good song and we all love to play it as well. But yeah, we are excited to play with the band's king niko and Empirates. It's going to be such a great show, we can't wait!!! I'm hoping that this show will get the band out there, because i really want the band to get somewhere. I'm not sure, but i got my fingers crossed to hope that this show will give us a push and get us known to the world.

our first show!!!

alright so awesome news! this week we are working very hard on getting our first show booked. on thursday, we are going to provo to talk to some people and plan a show out. it should happen so we are very excited. We are also recording our music at the apartment. So in time, you will be able to hear almost ALL of the songs that we currently have. so stay tuned for awesomeness!!!