Unconfirmed Report / Blog

Back from Europe...

I just got back from europe from being on a cruiseline tour with one of my bands and I will be adding the rest of the songs for this Reverbnation album. i have to finish up some recordings for this because I have another 65 songs i wrote while i was away and i am anxious to get started on those songs next. So there is a lot more music coming soon.

More New Videos on Youtube

More Videos on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/theunconfirmedreport

Added a Twitter account...

added a twitter account the other day and I am getting some fans and followers. Awesome!!!

More Videos and songs coming very soon

More Videos and songs coming very soon. I have some problems with one of my programs but it is getting corrected and things are gonna roll...

Getting To Know Reverbnation

Finding my way around this site a little at a time. I will be adding songs each day hopefully. Lots going on these days.