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Hey everyone I just wanted to let you know that I have had a change of heart here with the Nation. I'll still be on but I am spending more time with my music and not so much with the social networking part. #1 chart positions are great but really what does it mean? I'd rather spend my time writing new songs. Along those lines I will be posting a new tune, "HOODOO" to start off your weekend with. Peace, love and music to all my friends and fans.

At limit on Twitter

Hey everybody I just want you to know if I listened to you and fanned you I can't follow you on Twitter as I am at my follow limit. I truly believe ReverbNation has the best artists anywhere and I have yet to find one that isn't great. Don't get discouraged, there's a potential audience of 7 billion out there and enough room for all of us!

Happy Holidays

As the holidays are upon us I want to take time out to reflect and thank all of my new fans. The outpouring of love is truly overwhemling. There is truly an awful lot of great talent on this site and I'm thankful for the people I've had the opportunity to meet. 2012 was a really rough year for me on a lot of levels except the music but the other stuff did get in the way. Suffice it to say things went south, things that were going south went further south and all of this impinging on the precious little free time I have to devote to my true passion, music. At any rate, thank you all from the bottom of my heart and we'll make 2013 a great year.

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Well Happy New Year to you!

"In The Dark" coming soon

Earlier this year I copyrighted an album entitled "In The Dark." I now have acquired Music Creator 6 and a Samson studio quality microphone. Finally I will have professional results for the album. Then I'll post it here on RN for all to enjoy. I've done a test mix and all I can say is it's like having a professional recording studio in your home. At the same time I am writing new songs for a second album. No details at this time. Much thanks to all my fans and supporters!

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Live and Learn

So now I'm aware RN will hold only up to five songs. I'm going to spread my music around to the other sites; Facebook, MySpace, Twitmusic so you can have a chance to hear them all. It will be interesting to see if one site does better than another. I will release a video later today, I got a new web cam for better picture quality. Thanks to all my new fans and of course a big thanks to my existing fans you all are awesome!

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Can't you keep adding songs?

About the new songs

Here's a couple of songs I did with a band a few years back, called Dreamz and these songs are (P) and (C) 2004 Dreamworx Music, all rights reserved. They feature JJ Stuart on vocals and I hope you enjoy them :))

I'm on the mend

I am feeling better and I've uploaded another song from "In The Dark." A You Tube video will follow later today.

The Cold: Day 2

It's tough being tied down to a box of tissues; at least the fever is under control.

More music to come

I have a lot more music to come. It's going to take some time to get it all uploaded, I just recently got the rights to "In The Dark" and that took forever. Stay tuned!

Not much gonna happen today

I've got a nasty cold, hell I don't fell like doing much. I can't even find the strength to listen to my own music let alone anyone else's. Thanks for your support