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Unplugged No More

After an extended survey and multiple closed door sessions, our marketing department decided to change our name from "Underbelly Unplugged" to simply "Underbelly." We hear that Pink, Beck, Ke$ha and Apple all approve of our decision! We also acquired a new URL (http://underbelly.band) and stage banner that is inline with the change. Now let's all say it together - UNDERBELLY!

Dancing at Le Cork?

To Underbelly? To the song "Plush?" Yes, yes and yes! We were wondering what the crowd might be like after a Badger Football game and last night did not disappoint. The crowd participation to "Sandman," with the sing-alongs, air guitars and head bobbing was something we won't soon forget.

If you missed the second set, you missed something special with Mike Daun tearing out an extended solo to Neil Young's, "Down By The River." We'll be working on releasing the recording here, but we're pretty sure the audio won't capture the smell of scorched fingers and rosewood!

Thanks again to all who came out. Gigging and seeing people have fun with our show is always a blast.

One Captive Audience, February 9, 2013

So, we finally set up for our long postponed Le Cork gig from November, 2012. We had some new gear, some new tunes and we were stoked to break them out. As we were setting up we couldn’t help but notice that four of the eight patrons present tipped back the last of their beer, got up and left. Huh?! What's up with that? Surely our reputation precedes us better than that! No matter, as the 8pm start approached, people were streaming in. It may not have been at capacity, but Le Cork was comfortably full as we dove into the first of two long sets. The new gear was working, the new tunes went over well and the crowd was rocking. Then, near the end of the first set we found a new way to keep our audience captive - park them in! Just before counting in the final song of the set Bruce, one of Le Cork's co-owners, steps up and asks us to make an important announcement - "Could the owner of the silver BMW please move it - it's parking someone in and they’d like to leave". As we start to make the announcement over the PA we realize that it’s one of *our* cars. Oops! Only slightly embarrassed at this point we finish the set and go outside. As we’re moving the offending car we realize that that the other car parking him in is also one of ours. Great teamwork! Ahem. Our crowd retaining antics notwithstanding, we rocked ‘em until near Midnight and the crowd stayed strong throughout. Another great time Rockin' the Lounge and we look forward to our return trip on May 4th!

Autumnal Equinox, September 22, 2012

The band enjoyed “Rockin’ the Lounge” for the third time this year as we welcomed the Autumnal Equinox and the onset of Fall in Wisconsin. We again debuted some brand new material including Live’s “All Over You” and The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes”. As the evening closed we penciled in 11/3 as our next Le Cork gig and were surely looking forward to Rockin’ Mount Horeb once again before the year was out. Unfortunately we’ve been forced to postpone, but should be back in short order after we’re all healthy. In the meantime, enjoy the new songs just posted which comprise a sampling of the second set from the evening and stay tuned for an update on our next Le Cork gig!

Who'll Stop The Rain?

That was the real-life chorus at the Summer VandyJam 2012 as the sky opened forcing Underbelly Unplugged to scrap our tradition of starting with an outside and unplugged set. The early rain also meant having huddled masses in the basement during a difficult sound check. For a while, we were singing, "Who'll get sound from Ted's guitar and Dale's microphone?" Yikes!

After ripping out a mega set of amplified tunes, the rain let up and we "made good" on playing outside and unplugged to all of the folks enjoying the fresh air and cooler weather.

We also had fun testing some new material on the crowd including Tom Petty's "American Girl," Neil Young's "Heart Of Gold," Tesla's version of "We Can Work It Out," The Civil Wars' "20 Years," Jethro Tull's "Locomotive Breath" and The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes." When Mike closes his eyes, drops his arms and leans back to let the music wash over him, as he did with "Behind Blue Eyes," we know we have a hit!

Thanks to all that came by to enjoy some food, bevies, good times and music, and thanks Mike and Kim for hosting a great party.

P.S. We had lots of questions about Ted's phone after the now famous toilet and rice incident. It's working great!

Cinco De Mayo en casa de Le Cork

We'll admit it - we used a web-based translator for this title. In case you don't know Spanish, or the title translates to something unfortunate like, "I jammed a cork in your mother's eye," we'll just say that Underbelly Unplugged had a rock'n good time playing at Le Cork Lounge on May 5th.

Even without a crowd sing along to "Signs" (a Vandy's tradition) we did see some heads bobbing to covers such as "Down by the River" and "Sandman." Not bad for some dudes who decided to move their bi-weekly "beers and acoustic guitars" meet-up to the bars and with amplifiers.

Special thanks to our friends who came out to see us including Todd, Fiona, Jeff, Mootzy, Colin, Sarah, Jamie and Jen and of course our wives. Also, we really appreciate the hospitality of Le Cork's Bruce, Dana and Joen. We hope to be back at Le Cork Lounge very soon!


Yes - Beloit is a town in south central Wisconsin. It is also the sound Ted's phone made as he fumbled it into the toilet at the March Vandy Jam. The phone has since recovered but will always have a little bit of Vandy inside!

Wow, the crowd responded when Mike and Dale vamped to an impromptu version of "Locomotive Breath" during Ted's string repair. I guess we should add that one to the song list, eh?

Before the gig, we talked here about Vandy's being THE place to play "Signs" and the crowd did not disappoint. Vandy's Lambeau Corner was filled to capacity with revelers during our "Signs" finale.

Thanks to all who came. We had fun and look forward to Vandy's 50th birthday!

Out of the Living Room

After 10 years of playing in Ted's living room over beers and with ample breaks for engineering discussions, we decided take our brand of acoustic rock covers out for a spin. We hope those who see Underbelly Unplugged enjoy the tunes as much as we enjoy playing them!