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Graduation Day

Hey ya'll I will graduate on May 5th from Belmont in Nashville!! I picked up my cap and gown the other day. My family is having a huge wing ding in honor of me for that day. I will of course get it all on video blog. I will also have Miss Liz Reese at graduation from the Brooks House Homeless Shelter where I lived before getting back into school. Super excited lady of faith today!!!

gogirls in memphis

getting geared up for the showcase at the folk alliance in Memphis getting excited about being there solo might have a harmonica player with me though cool cool cool stuff

Atlantis review

From: online_submissions@atlantismusic.com To: akinlois10@aol.com Subject: Atlantis Critique Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 2:39 pm Lois Akin is unique and strange with a strong sense of self. Her vocals and performance are so far away from what Nashville is about, but there is strength in her uniqueness and a voice in her songwriting that is haunting and makes you want to dig deeper. I would say that she could with the right guidance be very successful and build a niche but I don't think that Nashville is going to get this talent. She is more Americana than country as far as radio is concerned but she is really country! She is a better writer than a singer and maybe that is where she is going to get the first look and attention in Nashville. She has the pedigree to get some attention but is better suited for Lost Highway or Vanguard than Major mainstream country. 2008 Atlantis Listening Committee

Lois Berg
Lois Berg  (over 9 years ago)

i sent this to my sister Matraca and she says HA HA HA they said the same thing about her!!

lois akin

hey guys i am just getting into the reverbnation thingy. it is going to be fun stuff to allow my head one more avenue to carreen and tumble down into. like i need anymore places for that head to go.

Lois Berg
Lois Berg  (almost 7 years ago)

The family I had has been destroyed by the PTSD and alcoholism. I was homeless for 8 months and now I am back and giving back to the homeless shelter that sheltered me on sunday May 1st I will be able to sell my CD's for the open house there. I am also in school for music business now. My life continues to be a miracle and an amazing adventure.