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Social High Fives

We want to thank everyone who has been out to support us at a number of consecutive shows - you make it worth the 4 hours of sleep that comes those nights. We have been in the process of building up our social media mob, so we'd like to encourage everyone to "like" our FB page (www.facebook.com/ghostsofindustry) and follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/GhostSOS) if you haven't already! There is more than just pride in this mob we are assembling - with the way the music industry has shifted, the business side of music is looking to social media sites to see what kind of rep artists have. Without writing a book about this (there are a few out there if you are truly interested), Ghosts of Industry just wanted to shine a little light on our persistent endeavor of "fans". So whether you help us load in/out or you just landed on our page by chance, show some love and give us a Social Media High Five!

Saturday Night

Wanted to thank everyone who made it out to our first show Saturday night at the Prophet Bar. We also want to thank all of the bands that played with us, especially our new friends Blackout Heist and Valise. I encourage all of our fans to check these two bands out. We hope to share the stage with these guys again soon. We will post video and photos of the show soon. Speaking of which, thank you Jamie Terry and Jason Terry for the video and photos and everyone else who took photos. Hope to see you all at our next show.

First Show

Stoked about our first show on the 19th at the Prophet bar. I hope everyone can make it out.

Ghosts of Industry

Hey everyone, we just want to say thanks for everyone's patience. We know we've been talking about this for a while but now we finally have everything we need to get going. Check out the two tracks we've posted. Show your friends and let us know if you like them or not. We have one more song but were unable to post it as of right now. Thanks again everyone.