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Restocking the Sound

Sorry all been a long time since our last entry. Lots has transpired to kick off 2013. Regrettably our bassist Colin has left the group to focus on his education. The band has cancelled all upcoming shows while it looks to fill the large shoes Colins departure has left. The band is actively searching a quality bassist to pick up the reigns so the tunage can continue to flow unabated. We are also looking to possibly add another guitarist/singer in order to help boost the fullness of the sound. We will be sure to update all with news of member adds once we've replenished our group. Thanks all for the wonderful support and be sure to check out our friends at Gravity Given Productions who continue to pump out amazing bills of talented groups that will hold you all over until Sound Over Sight is back to cranking out the sick jams.

September Address

Greetings all. Been a while so allow me to catch you up to speed with the band comings and goings. We've been steadily gigging and are adding new shows every month. We currently have shows on the books at Country Lakes Pub in NJ Sep 21, and our return trip to Squirrel Murphy's Oct 6th in Warminster, with multiple other venues in the works. The band is hard at work banging out new tunes both original and covers to bolster our sets. Working our way towards that elusive three full sets. The sound is coming along, and we like to think we're improving each show. We have some contests and merch giveaways in the works, along with a sleugh of other secret squirrel type shit, so check back and tell your friends about the amount of ass we kick. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and fan us on here. Represent the love of local awesome ha.

Shows Update

Hello everyone, been a few months but just updating you all on all things Sound Over Sight. The band has been working on beefing up our sets with new material, and refining our sound. We currently have shows on the books at Legendary Dobbs 6/26 and Red Stallion 7-28. We will have many more shows to announce shortly though as we are currently in talks with numerous venues to fill our booking calender. Stay tuned for more show announcements in the coming weeks. We are also working on adding more media and content to the sites so check back and see the sights and sounds that are bound to be around shortly.

Working on Big Things

Hello all you incredible people. Now that the band has our 3-Track demo behind us which is currently available for free streaming on our page, we have begun working on several new things. We are currently getting ready to expand our set-list by adding new original material as well as throwing some choice covers into the mix. We are also working on getting our final logo designs, and press band photos together. We've also began contacting venues about scheduling our first round of live dates and should have some gigs on the books very shortly. We couldn't be happier to finally get out there and kill it live in front of all you people. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks, where we should have a sizable amount of new content added to the sites.

Recording Session Completed

So the band had our recording session yesterday at Gradwell House Recording and we were able to knock out all principal recording tracks in one very, very, very long session. Did I mention it was long? haha. But things turned out great. The studio did a great job. It's just going to take one more session to mix and master the tracks, so expect Sound Over Sights 3 Track Demo to be posted to the sites sometime next week.

Upcoming Studio Session

Sound Over Sight is finally about to hit the studio Sunday April 1st to begin work cutting our 3-track demo. We really can't wait to have these recordings to share with everyone. We will be recording with the boys at Gradwell House Recording in Jersey. We should have our demo posted to the sites midway through April, so keep an eye and ear out.