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Magic Carpet Ride on the horizon

The album releases on 21 Dec 2012

B i o g r a p h y

Two brothers play and make music together the old-fashioned way...

"Magic Carpet Ride" is the debut album from Bournemouth-based (UK) acoustic duo SOUTHERN BROTHERHOOD. The band formed in February 2012 when two long-term friends Jeff Kirkham and Andy De Rosa decided to get together to see if there was a joined musical path to take. They started off playing exclusively covers to build their confidence together and starting to gig as soon as they could. They also recorded a 4-track live demo a few weeks into rehearsals which helped them with getting gigs. The spring/summer of 2012 turned out to be a busy period, performing at over 20 gigs, including major festivals in the Dorset area, such as Wimborne Folk Festival, Oxjam Bournemouth & LionFest 2012. With over 3 hours worth of covers, they started introducing 2 or 3 originals in the sets, and having seen the reaction from the audiences, decided to set aside September 2012 to write a full album together. Both steeped in Americana, Roots, Psychedelic Rock, Blues and good old-fashioned R&B and Rock 'N' Roll and luckily had a common platform on which to start writing songs: Jeff and Andy both play guitars and sing harmonies, both equally co-wrote this release and before you knew it they had more songs than needed to release this record. October and November 2012 have been spent on-and-off in the studio, recording tracks such as "Magic Carpet Ride", "Berry Blue", "Give It Back Next Time", "Sorry Friend", "Right Back Where We Started", "Winter Blues" & "Big Man". Whilst they are still recording the second half of the record, they have booked gigs promoting this release all across Dorset. Southern Brotherhood decided to release it free of charge as download on Bandcamp (details to follow in due course), so the price is set to "0.00", but you also have an option to pay what you think it's worth and this will help the band with following the digital release also on physical CD copies in the future. These will be sold exclusively at gigs and used as promo materials, although a limited number of copies will be set aside for those hardcore fans outside the UK who can't purchase them face-to-face at gigs. If you wish to pre-order a CD copy then please use the Contact Form on our "Contact" page with your details. Paypal payments only accepted.

​Check out the official website: www.southernbrotherhoodmusic.com

Release date: 21 December 2012

​Southern Brotherhood are: Jeff Kirkham - vocals & guitars, songwriting, percussions Andy De Rosa - vocals & guitars, songwriting, harmonica, sound engineering, band management, AR & PR.

​"Magic Carpet Ride" was recorded at:

Live in studio with no overdubs or software wizardry at SB Studios (Dorset, UK).

Copyright & Publishing information: All songs are Copyright 2012 Southern Brotherhood. Published in the UK by Sentric Music Publishing (PRS and MCPS). Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.