I'm always inspired by the original artist

I would just like to say that I really love doing cover songs and all the songs that I have done in the past and may do in the future are because I love the songs and the artist. You can never do justice to an original song, but I’m always inspired by the artist, that’s why I like to do covers. Give a listen to the originals and you too will be inspired. I have been working on some original songs and hopefully I will finish one or two of these new songs. Thanks and please leave comments and/or suggestions.

The Band

I want to say thanks to everyone for being a fan, haven’t had a chance to listen to everyone’s music, but I will lots of great artist, and lots of music to listen to. I will be changing the band’s name in the near future from THE SCAT BAND it was just a temporary name. We just put together our ban and haven’t selected a name as of yet. Thanks again to all.