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My momma...

My mom sacrificed so much for me. The doctor told her to have an abortion because she has M.S. and wouldnt make it through labor, yet she had me anyways. When i was 15, it was just her and I, she couldn't work because of her M.S. so we had no money, and she spent her last 500 bucks to buy me my first guitar. That changed my life. When I was 17, she got money from a car accident, and spent it to send me to Florida for a national singing comp we saw on a commercial, all because I looked at her and said, I promise you I will win this. I took 1st place and won 30,000$. She has always believed in me, and is the backbone of who I am today. She taught me to love deeply, and to respect myself and others. I can never repay her, but I can say from the bottom of my heart, I love you Mom! Thank you for everything. I TRULY appreciate my amazing Mom!

New York

Can't effin wait to start recording my album at Pulse Music in Manhattan, in April!!!!