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Hard Rock Contest!

I have been entered into a contest to compete against other artists for a chance to perform live at the Hard Rock. You can vote for me by liking the Hard Rock page then downloading my song Places You've Never Been for FREE at https://reverbnation.com/contests/2689/artist/2436815

Behind the Scenes: Places You've Never Been

I wrote this song during a time that my husband and I had a lot to do with the MMA fighting scene. I went to bed one night about 11:30 pm but couldn't sleep. I kept hearing this beat in my head that wouldn't go away. Then these words started popping in my head "Listening to the wind, there's no looking back, a battle will begin cause we're under attack." At that point, I realized I needed to get up and start writing these words down and start recording what I had. After about an hour, I had all the lyrics down and had sung the whole song on a recorder. The story of the song focuses on a "fight scene" but the moral of it, is to fight for what you believe in and to stand up for yourself. Too many times, people think they know, or assume, what you have been through, but unless they walk in your shoes, they can't possibly know. If God wasn't there for me in some very difficult times, I don't know what I'd do. The lyrics "Down on 1, down on 2 and now you know, that the truth is going to show" is so important to me, because as long as you stay on the right path, no matter what others think, the truth will always come out. There's no hiding from it. There's a lot of hidden meaning to this song. One of my favorite songs, for sure. Do what's right and stay strong and fight back when it's not; don't ever allow someone else to tell you who you are.

Another Recording

Hopefully in the next month I will be able to record my song "Come Back To Me." It has a "Lumineers" feel to it and I'm excited to do something a little different this time around!

New Songs Coming!

I am recording my next 2 songs at the end of June in LA. Will post them as soon as possible afterwards!

My next 2 Songs

The music is almost complete for my next 2 songs. Then I'll be going back to LA to record vocals again. I love creating new music!!

Video Shoot

I am currently working on ideas for my video for Places You've Never Been. Hope to start shooting it very soon!

Photo Shoot

Finished reviewing all my photos from the shoot. New pics soon!

Studio City Recording

Just completed my latest song. I will be posting it soon for all to hear!