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3/1/13 Infernos Showblog

So this is something I've been meaning to start for awhile now. Just wanna give a quick recap/rundown of how our shows go.

This show was put together by the great guys over at Adapt to Chaos and included Acid FM and Necrobomb.

Acid FM took the stage first and set things on fire right away. Theyve got a classic, Sabbathy metal sound to them and their set was airtight start to finish. I got the chance to hang out and talk to all of these guys pretty extensively and they're all great people out to enjoy playing great music.

We played second and I really feel like we brought the most energy to the stage that we've ever had. Our show is progressing a lot and I really feel like we push ourselves to make every single show better than the last. We rolled out two new songs that went over well with the crowd and as always having the Adapt to Chaos guys there made rocking the stage a great experience.

Necrobomb was up next and put on one helluva show. These guys actually come out of Granite Falls and I was fairly surprised that I didn't know them already. I could listen to dual guitar harmonizing leads and two hand tapping on bass all day long so these guys were right up my alley.

Last up was Adapt to Chaos and they hit the stage and poured out their hearts and souls as always. After a full night of awesome music ATC took the energy through the roof and definitely ushered the evening out on a high note.

It was an amazing night full of awesome music and we had the chance to connect with some great people. I'd be honored to share a stage with any of these guys again and I definitely hope to in the very near future. -WR

Song Writing

We have a whole lot of new material in the works and we are excited to share some of it here on reverbnation be sure to check our facebook and twitter pages for upload dates!!!


We're on our way guys, closing in pretty quickly on enough original material to start booking shows. We plan on powering through the next few months and finalizing all our material so we can bring Scalded Fire to the people again soon. Stay tuned, we're 'bout there :)

Leslie Bowman Blankenship
Leslie Bowman Blankenship  (over 5 years ago)

You guys are coming along great!!!!!!!