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New Release, New Glow-in-the-Dark Patches, New Posters...


Official Album Downloads


We've finally signed up to release downloads of our albums that we have the rights to, with some other extras thrown in. It's taken a lot of preparation and work. This is the first downloadable release deal that we can control, there will probably be more. Please check out the site better still spend a bit! People have been sharing and copying (aka bootlegging/stealing) and costing us dearly for years and it impacts on us. This is the right thing to do - you support the band and allow us to carry on instead of throwing our earnings into a bottomless pit and stop-starting our activities through lack of funds. You can also try before you buy with FULL track streaming. We appreciate your support, even if it's just to tell your 'friends'. If it goes ok there'll be plenty more. Luv n' spit - The Hangmen.

New Studio Album + Rarities Collection

Recording of The Hangmens 8th album, 'Hells Vagina' (Mortuary Records #Slab13) for release on vinyl, download and CD has just begun. Songtitles include 'House of Bone', 'From Hell', 'The Great Brain Robbery', 'Collarbomb', 'True Hate', 'The Necronomicon', 'Walking With a Devil' and more... Also a selection of rare vinyl only tracks and unreleased rehearsal/demos will be passing thru the hands of Western Star Studios for mastering to be released as a rarities collection entitled 'Money For Old Rope'. Tell people, spoil someones fkn day, luv n' spit - The Hangmen.

The Hangmen new material with our name on it:

With new recordings due and online leaks and plagiarism a real risk these days, wed just like to point out the pending works, protected by copyright, are titled: The Necronomicon True Hate Never Dies The Great Brain Robbery Walking With A Devil

We know our new material takes ever longer to surface, this is because we are selective and cautious about umintentionally rewriting the nearly 100 original works already in our repertoire, and of overusing formulas, riffs and lyrical ideas. We aim to maintain distinction even within ourown material. Basically the more we write the further out there we have to go to keep moving forward, or become repetitive. Then there would be no point. Suffice to say our real fanbase is highly valued and a priority group who will be satiated. So we hope you eventually enjoy the stuff, we havent rested on our laurels with any lack of time and effort in the new compositions.

Keep your ear to the ground, were down there somewhere...

The Hangmen.