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Hey everybody out there,

Lots of great artists here in the Midwest worth supporting!!

Dave Hammer's Power Supply- It's Not Worth It (http://davehammerspowersupply.squarespace.com/listen/)

PRISONERS- Raven (http://prisoners.bandcamp.com/)

Jazmine Trio- Little Mama (http://www.jazminetrio.com/fr_welcome.cfm)

Thaddeus Anna Greene- Driving Dr. Gonzo (http://thaddeusagreene.bandcamp.com/)

123WOW- Foxes (http://123wow.bandcamp.com/)

Mr. Gnome- Sit Up & Hum (http://mrgnome.bandcamp.com/album/heave-yer-skeleton)

Debussi- Won't Turn Back (http://debussi.net)

Broccoli Samurai- Traffic Stop Jim (broccolisamurai.bandcamp.com)

Mutts- Half Mile (wearemutts.com)

Other bands to check out, but I'm too lazy to pick more songs: Beach Stav, The Broderick, The Calumet Reel, Heather French Henry, Shred Rot, Teddy Boys, Shit-Box Jimmy, You're A Liar...kick-ass music, you really can't go wrong! Give 'em a shot, all these great people are working hard to make awesome music that connects with listeners in a way that some mainstream crap simply cannot.


Album Reviews On the Way.

Recently selected by Musicplayers.com for an album review, a great site for techies/musicians.

Also currently reviewing the record are Cleveland Scene Magazine and Buzzbin Magazine (Canton-based mag that covers music throughout Northern Ohio!)

Upcoming Dates & CD Release

Soo some fun stuff coming up for Eclectic Mayhem:

MAY 10th (TONIGHT as I blog) We'll be featured on WRUW-Cleveland, which is 91.1 on your FM dials! Tune in around 9:30 and we'll be bringin' the heat for 30-45 mins., full band, on the air! Gonna be awesome, listen up!

May 24th- CD Release at Beachland Tavern, get there at 9 for some awesome guests: Jazmine Trio & 123wow. We'll be unveiling a couple new songs (including a little banjo!), and dishing out our debut LP for only $5!

Excited for the future, thanks for reading. Spreading the word about our music is the single, best thing you can do to help us out so we truly appreciate you recommending us to anyone/everyone!