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Everything is going to plan with the EP so far... going to lay guitars in a few days and we have been working on a couple other songs that we need to add to the current 3 we have complete. These songs are going to be a fresh breath of air for the band and for the fans... coming this fall :)


So far we have 3 of the 5 tracks in the works...got the drum tracks down, now we are gonna work the guitar parts and start getting the vocals together to lay down. Once we get the 2 other tracks written and ready, we will rock right through them. We are stoked to be getting this EP under way! Look out for more updates and all that in the near future and the EP should be out by mid fall...

New Shows!

What's up everyone!? JIC has a big show coming up @ Soma in San Diego! It will be their debut appearance at the venue and are very excited about it! Also...they have a few more added shows i September! Let's make um great!

New Stuff!

So what's going on everyone? We are making GREAT progress on the JIC front out here in sunny SoCal! The new EP is coming along beautifully and we are excited to get recording it this summer :) ! We also are getting great show offers for the next few months which we will update you as we get them! Also, we will be getting new photos and such done soon :) so that's good! Other than that we are waiting on a lot of details for upcoming big events! Talk to ya soon!

New things!

So we are about a 1/3 of the way done writing our new EP that we are shooting to have out by early fall. It's going to be a great one! Also, we are constantly adding new shows all over SD county...so please keep checking back for shows in your area! That's it for now!

New Music!

Things are going well in the JIC camp... We are currently working on the new EP which will be released later in the year... as for the shows...we have a bunch coming up, so check it out! That's all for now! oh yeah...please continue your support and tell people about us and our music! Thanks so much!


So we need all our SoCal peoples to show some love at our upcoming shows!!! Please come out and support us as we make music magic! Plus, our live show kicks ass!!! One Love!


So we are going into the studio tomorrow (Studio West in CA) to do a few tracks... Redoing Age Of Reason and recording 2 new ones which are all going to be on our upcoming album due out later this year or early next year... so please keep your eyes and ears pealed for those... We are stoked to start RECORDING AGAIN!!!

Raging on!

So the first couple shows went AWESOME!!! Thanks to everyone who came out to support and all the cool acts that we got the chance to share the stage with!!! We have some awesome upcoming shows and more constantly being booked!!! So keep up with us and we'll see you at the shows!!!

West Side with JIC!

So as you can see Just In Case is about to unleash on the West Coast FINALLY! After years of touring the East Coast and a brief 2 year break, JIC is back up and running and stronger than ever! With new bass player, Vic LaManna up to speed, these guys are ready for the stage! Don't miss your opportunity to catch Just In Case in a SoCal town near you!