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Great Shows!

Hey everyone! so we've been blessed to have the string of shows this past couple months…Vegas, Punch Card's CD Release, opening for Heartsounds (Epitaph Recs), then a huge music festival on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, followed by our Gallagher's in Ocean Beach debut on 9/24, and then U31 for The Nardcast on 10/8! Busy Busy! all while finishing up writing for our up coming full length album due out early 2015! Thank you for all who have come to the past shows, and all that are coming to the future shows!


What's going on??? So JIC has been up to a lot of writing and developing! We are currently working on a new Full Length album that we are hoping to start recording this summer! so far the songs are sounding crazy good! We are going to be playing shows throughout the summer, so keep checking back for updates on that… Please help support by getting our music on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc! We love you all and are extremely thankful for all the support you've given and continue to give! Blessings!

New Updates

Hey what's going on everyone!? it's been quite some time since we have posted anything on here, so here it goes… JIC is currently working on tracks for a new LP that is in the works…no info on when we will be hitting the studio or releasing it, but we are working towards it… we are also getting a lot of SoCal shows that have been really awesome.. especially since we have been developing new friendships with local artists and fan base :) We are going to be working on more video stuff, so keep your eyes out for that stuff! Well that's about it for now, so keep checking back for more :)

Up to the dates!

We have been diligently working on new material for a full length album we are hoping to start recording by spring/summer… So far so good :) Other than writing, we have been playing out a lot in San Diego area…and have a show planned for January in Atlantic City, NJ at Le Grand Fromage!!! So we are stoked about that for sure! That's it for now…get our latest EP on iTunes, Amazon, CdBaby, etc etc! Cao!


Hello everyone! We have been really busy promoting this album and playing out a lot! We want to thank everyone who has purchased this record so far... It really helps us make more things possible... We are shooting to be in Atlantic City, NJ in early January...so the details will be posted as soon as we get the show all in order... We are also trying to get out on the road and do some touring sooner than later...just need to get our capital up so we can support it! If you haven't gotten our new album yet, please go grab it at www.cdbaby.com/cd/justincase2


Sooooo.... We have been busy getting all the finalizations together for our new EP 'Better Late Than Never'! We have been working hard to get this album out and it is available online through our Cdbaby, iTunes, amazon, etc... So make sure you check that out! We are getting a steady flow of shows around the San Diego area...so check those out as well. We appreciate all the support we have been receiving from both new and old fans! It means the world to us!

New Updates!

So a lot has been going on behind the scenes with JIC! We've been really working hard to get our new EP done and out... It's real close right now, but still needs post production... We will have it ready soon tho! We have HannMade Designs doing the artwork (which is looking AMAZING) and Mike Dibonardo on the engineering, and we are doing our best to play these new tunes as best we can :) Stay tuned for show updates and all that! We also need a street team... get at us if you are interested! Thanks!


So.... We have been working on our final touches to the new songs we have been preparing for the studio! Got a couple left to lay down! Should be done recording by mid Dec.! We are also geting the designs and artwork ready for the new shirts, stickers, etc etc... We are excited for the new year! Hopefully we can get a few short tours together on both costs by ext summer! Either way, we are working hard to get everything wrapped up so we can finally release this EP 'Better Late Than Never'!

What What!

So We've been working on our final song we need to finish recording the EP we've been working very hard on! We are excited to have such awesome support from everyone who has been a part of it so far, and those that are still to come along the way! Much love to everyone who has been supporting our shows out here in SoCal! It's been such a great time so far! Pleas check our site for our upcoming shows in the area!


So we have been working really hard this last month to pull this new EP together to get it ready for our late Fall release. It's been coming along awesome! We have most of the music recorded and we are now about to start attacking the vocals. Mike Dibo has been rally killing it for us at Studio West! Much respect to him and the studio... keep a look out for more updates and release date soon to come!