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Tinkering with a Sci-Fi Soundtrack

Our experience with composing our scene for the Akron Film+Pixel 2013 Collective Soundtrack (https://www.facebook.com/events/422544457865674/) project was quite enjoyable. We're all looking forward to this year's screening on Saturday, which should prove even more epic than last year. I foresee this sort of medium becoming an ongoing means for our musical expression. Our music already has natural elements of storytelling and so creating soundtracks is an inevitability.

We have a new violinist: Raquel. It's wonderful to hear the duet of her violin and Dani's flute dance within the music. In the soundtrack the flute and violin voices distinctly play in the world of this old black and white Russian Sci-Fi film Aelita: Queen of Mars, acting as voices for the characters. Alisha's drums have a classically orchestral feel in this project. Her emulation of the cinematic sounds of crashing cymbals and thunderous tympani make lovely dramatic effects within the piece. Come to the screening, all those who can!