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First of all - Thank you for being interested in whatever it is we have to ramble on about... it means a lot to us. Second - The guys of Hazy Ray have a blog at hazyray.wordpress.com

Thanks for the Love!

Drums, Horns, and Basses, Oh My!!

Hello ReverbNation, Hazy Ray fans, and TigerNation!

We have finally seen the light and joined you! It has been exciting year filled with 100 plus shows, Ludacris & Everclear sightings, Wire Road Studios Openings, and Boom Headphones as well as Green Frog Music Alliances. It is just the rush we were looking for and we are looking forward to continuing it. Willie is drumming away, and Mike is Working out, Ryan is getting unnecessarily faster, Mitch is being Mitch, and I am writing songs, and we are doing all for YOU. We are coming to Baton Rouge to release our album "Deep and Shallow" on April 12th and we could not be more excited. Come out and celebrate with us. We will play you music until we feel your ears are properly indoctrinated into the chimeric genre splicing that is Hazy Ray, while you, the LSU TigerNation re-educate my liver on how to properly process copious amounts of alcohol. It's been along time comin. . . and we are just getting started. See ya there.

Josh Ray