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What u wait'n on? U don't hear that? U don't see that? U don't feel that? Its sum big shit bout to go down around here in Dallas, Texas my nigga. I mean seriously kinfolk its really bout to pop off. No bullshit homie this is sum epic, futuristic, phenomenal, amazing, exciting, mind-blowing type shit i'm talk'n about. what am I talk'n about u ask? I'm talk'n about this M.I.P/KSI movement that's hit'n the streets like a hurricane u feel me. What is M.I.P/KSI u ask? Well for starters M.I.P stands for MONEY IN PROGRESS which is our group name, but don't get it twisted its more than a rap group. And if u ever hear anybody say'n they're MONEY IN PROGRESS, if they don't know LG or LIL RICCY then they fake'n!!!! And the KSI stands for KILLA SMOKE INDUSTRY which is our record label. So now that u're aware of whats about go down what are u gonna do? Are u gonna sit on the sideline wit the haters talk'n down on real niggas thats winning? Or will u do what the real people do and join the movement so we can all win together? Shout out to my potna from day 1 TRIGGA NARD y'all be sure to check out his page... And shout out to D.F.E RECORDS wit the boy BIG MAN & his brother BOSS B ice cold on them trax so check them out too. I'm out!!! FWM!!! #MIP4LIFE