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The Mini Egg Demons

Just devoured a whole bag of mini eggs, it wasn't me, my demons told me to do it, nom nom

All at once....

Why do things always come to a head together like everything was always going to meet at a certain point and collide and all you can do is try and save the pieces of you that are most important and the rest will just have to grow back or rot, evolve or sink...

Desmond and his toenails

shaped like boomerangs, when he clips them they fly away, then with the aerodynamics and shape, fly straight back and into his eye! that completes the transformation from a toenail to an eyenail

Desmond, you have been nailed!

Things that make Martin happy...

Fried chicken (any sort he's not fussy), making sweet music, playing live, baywatch, the fluff you find in your belly button, urban dictionary, dingleberries, full body waxes, beer, other people with small hands