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Springtime to Wintertime......

Springtime to Wintertime news! It's been a funny old year! I had to take an enforced break from music and singing as most of you are probably aware from May until the end of the Summer. I had to have surgery to remove a lump which involved moving my vocal cords out of the way! As you can imagine this wasn't too good for the voice! I'm happy to say the surgery went well and I am fully recovered from that and after a few hoarse months my voice came back. In fact I think it may even be a bit better than before! It has a slightly different tone to it and all the hard work I put into caring for it and practicing gently seem to have paid off!

I had a live performance in October which was my first since January and it felt great to get back into the swing of things.

Before my operation I worked hard to get a lot of vocal work done so that while I was recuperating I would have stuff to work on. I spent a lot of time in the summer mixing and playing in the studio and am very happy with the results.

In the Summer the track Honey Boy was released and this month sees the release of my track Trophy Girlfriend both of which you can download here.


I was also very excited to become a fully fledged member of UK Industrial band Illustrial. I collaborated with Baz from Illustrial over the last year or so and we produced the album Glitter and Twisted which has now been released. The first track that was released is the beautiful and haunting track Dreamscape which has had some great feedback.

Dreamscape as well as the rest of the album can now be downloaded from


So please go and check out the new tracks and feel free to treat yourself to a download!

All the best


Latest news!! Buy The Strawberry Sessions on CD

We have some limited edition copies of The Strawberry Sessions available to purchase through paypal.

These are truly unique indie items produced by us at team strobe as an interim while we get the CD out and onto CD Baby i tunes etc.......

The tracklisting is

1. Lonely Like Me

2. Daydreaming

3. Heaven Today

4. Come Here

5. Do You? 6. I Breathe You In

you can grab a copy for just £4.50 plus Postage and packing which will vary depending where you are!

E mail team-strobe@hotmail.com to request your copy and enquire about postage costs etc!


The Old and The New

My oh my where has the year gone? we're half way through already can you believe it! Well I certainly can't!

As I haven't blogged for a while I thought I should update this section and let you know all my news......so here goes!

I have finished putting together my own little studio set up and have started recording my new tracks with the help of a couple of producer friends of mine who have been invaluable in showing me how to ooooh let me see........ buy the right equipment, get to grips with new software, use a mac!

So for the first few months I just let the unbridled creativity lose and came up with rather a lot of .....hmmm....how can I put it? Experimental tacks! I found the technology running away with me and I got completely lost in loops, programming (which I'm not very good at!) and generally making wild and crazy sounds. All very good for the learning processes and deciding in which direction to go next. However it was at this point whilst having a clear out of my old studio space that I stumbled upon my very first demo tapes, recorded on a 4 track tape recording device an age ago! Not having my portastudio (Fostex X-15 for you techno geeks out there) anymore I couldnt really hear them properly but I also found a mixdown of some of my early ideas which I could hear. I was quite inspired by my early self I have to say. There was a great charm about those early sounds, an honesty and rawness which I really liked. I started to get so nostalgic as I remembered how hard I had to work to get those tracks down on my own, playing each part through over and over to get it right. It was a good discipline and one which I find hard to break now. If I can't play a part through on my own the whole way then it feels wrong to me to record it! I have to say software can make it all feel a bit like cheating sometimes. I found an old Fostex X-15 in absolutely great condition on ebay and purchased it. It arrived a few days later in all its 90s-tastic retro glory and I spent a day re listening to all those old 4 track recordings, with their feedback, background noises, persistant hum from the adaptor plug (which I could never get rid of and came out on every track!) and I decided that actually nostalgia was wrong and I was pretty happy with new technology after all! Now I have retro v modern sitting side by side in the studio. Very appropriate too as I have always liked to mix up the old and new, trad with funky, rough with the smooth, fire and ice....ok I'll stop there.

That whole experience also brought me right back to where my heart is, which is composing on the guitar, plus my love of folk and rock. The resurgence in the UK of folk and folk/ bluesy inspired rock bands has also reminded me where I began and the music that inspires me and that I love. I have spent more time twiddling away on my guitar in the last couple of months then I did in the whole of last year! I'm loving Mumford and Sons, Laura Marling, The Lilac Time and Fleet Foxes more than ever right now but equally I cant get enough of Kasabian, Queens of the Stoneage and Band of Skulls. I still adore The Boxer Rebellion, Bombay Bicycle Club and Vampire weekend too......oh and Florence......oh and Marina she is awesome........ in fact there is just so much good music around right now! So I shall stop there!

The new tracks are going to be a mix of acoustic, rock and a little bit of electro, but I know that at the heart of each track is just going to be me and my little electro acoustic guitar folky punk rocking away.

June 2010

Competition for April - WIN

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning signed plectrum, lyrics sheet, photo PLUS free downloads from Strobegirl in the month of April then here's what you have to do.

Sign up to the street team and join some missions in April. At the end of April the top three teamers will all get the above pack of freebies!

You can access the street team missions from the homepage bottom right.

I look forward to seeing some more of you on the Street Team!

New mailing list please sign up Free gift when you do!

This is the new home for my mailing list! I will still use the reverbnation one of course but I am nearing the capacity for the free mailing list. Any number over 800 you have to pay for on reverbnation and sadly I have no money :-(( right now!

So head on over here

Many thanks!


oh and there is a FREE gift to everyone who joins!

Best wishes

strobes x

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New Acoustic Tracks

So I started work on Friday on the new acoustic tracks I`ve written. I write songs and practise on my classical guitar a lot more than the electric these days so I decided to indulge my love of classical and produce some tracks the basis of which are just me playing my classical guitar and singing live with additional vocals and guitar added in the studio. I`m enjoying it so far. Its a very different result and sound to my last recordings. I hope you`ll like them. After I upgrade my studio in the summer I will be back to producing the usual strobegirl sound! I just wanted to try something a bit different for now! Hopefully they will be ready for an airing next week. Best wishes strobes xx

new additional my space address!!

Please add me on my back up myspace page here www.myspace.com/strobegirl2 many thanks!! x

Red nose day 09!! :o))

Its red nose day here in the UK, which is basically a day to dress up and behave in a silly fashion to raise money for charity! Its spearheaded by some of our countries finest comedians who put on a day of fun and laughter in return for donations. Its commonly known as red nose day but its official name is comic relief. If you would like to help me on my fundraising page that would be AWESOME!! Even if its just one or two pounds whatever you can donate would be fantastic. It might only be a little amount but it can make a BIG difference to someone much much less fortunate than we are in the west.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!! Any purchases made from my indie store for the next MONTH will also be donated to this cause http://indiestore.7digital.com/strobegirl/ so if yu haven`t made a purchase yet you can do so and know that you`re helping out too!! www.myrednoseday.com/strobegirl www.rednoseday.com THANKS GUYS !! Strobes x www.reverbnation.com/strobegirl www.twitter.com/strobegirl www.myspace.com.strobegirl