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We Thank You...

We would like to thank those that have shown some very serious interest in Akasha's Diary. We would further like to pontificate upon a couple of things if we may...: First off, I'd like to say to the couple of labels and the many radio stations that have hit us up off our material that these are rough draft ideas. These are basically (even though we're getting awesome feedback on them) just Scott and myself (Pam) on the tracks listed without the band, except for the version of Glass Houses up which we had the drummer (Kevin Andrews) from 2000 miles away, record to the parts and we mixed him in. They are home recordings. Though we're excited about the interest in our music, I'd like to say that I feel it's only right that we not release anything on any project, venue, radio station or have any affiliation with any label until you hear what the band itself is bringing to fruition. We have an awesome lineup that is bringing the music you are already enjoying to a level these songs deserve with the energy from a lineup of a band that deserves to be heard; not to mention the professional recording and producing that will make this music all it deserves to be.

I can only hope that you can and will respect this professional decision to not release anything until we have our band's full energy and performance behind the songs....if the time it takes to put forth the best product we can causes you to lose any interest, then we apologize for being perfectionist in that camp. The songs up were never meant to gain the notoriety they already have,(and we do understand some of you are trying to get a hold of us prior to the final product being released within anticipation of what is coming, we know, we get it) they were placed up on line to gain the interest of other musicians to finish this line up and bring this project to life. These songs I will reiterate are home recording ideas.... they were never meant for the acquisition of fans or interests other than other musicians) ...but wait until you hear what we have coming:)

You'll also notice we have not recruited fans..... we don't feel the material is "fan recruitable" at this stage.... we've been very selective in whom has had access to hear these...I want that noted so there is no falsehood in the attraction to these songs.

We once again thank you for your interest and we appreciate your interest and patience as well.


What is Akasha?: For Those Asking

Akasha is the Sanskrit word meaning "aether" in both its elemental and metaphysical senses; the basis and essence of all things in the material world; the first material element created from the astral world (Air, Fire, Water, Earth are the other four in sequence); In Sanskrit the word means "space", the very first element in creation;schools of Hindu philosophy state that Akasha or ether is the fifth physical substance, which is the substratum of the quality of sound. It is the One, Eternal, and All Pervading physical substance, which is imperceptible;In Loakasa the universe forms only a part. Akasha is that which gives space and makes room for the existence of all extended substances;The Western religious philosophy called Theosophy has popularized the word Akasha as an adjective, through the use of the term "Akashic records" or "Akashic library", referring to an ethereal compendium of all knowledge and history;Scott Cunningham describes the Akasha as the spiritual force that Earth, Air, Fire, and Water descend from. Some also believe that the combination of the four elements make up that which is Akasha, and that Akasha exists in every living creature in existence; without Akasha, there is no spirit, no soul, no magic;In the book, Science and the Akashic Field, Prof. Dr. Ervin Laszlo (Note 1), the founder and the President of the Club of Budapest, claims the integration of matter and mind, and says “It (Akasha) is the womb from which everything we perceive with our senses has emerged and into which everything ultimately redescend."

Kevin Andrews / (Glass Houses) drum line.

I would like to take a moment to thank Kevin, a friend and drummer I've known sense Middle school. Glass Houses was a challenge for both Kevin and I as I'm located in Phoenix, AZ., and Kevin is in Dallas TX.

At the time I really wanted a good rough copy of the song and had multi-track capabilities on my home computer. Originally all the tracks were recorded to a click track, then emailed to Kevin. Kevin took the time to write the drum lines, record them, and then email me the drum file. As you can see this turned in to a time consuming venture. Between both Kevin being 1200 miles away, me lacking any experience in mixing, this was a process I wont reproduce anytime soon. What would have taken a professional engineer 15 minutes to do, took me 4 hours. (I wouldn't recommend recording this way as it's extremely time consuming.)

Thank you, Kevin! For not only being a great sport, participating in the recording process, thank you for writing a very professional drum line to the song. If we were in the same city you obviously would hold a solid position in Akasha's Diary.

Thanks again, my friend!


Now We Move Forward

As stated in our bio, the songs up are rough draft ideas and are obviously not by any means the finished product.They were uploaded here to attract musicians to finish the lineup of our band, which we're happy to announce has been accomplished.

Of the 5 songs up, only 2 have vocals, Glass Houses and Mary (Which is actually titled Save My Soul). We have a second vocalist that now that our lineup is complete, we will be introducing as we complete our studio work.

Merle Gregory on bass and Doug Zimmerle on drums now brings Akasha's Diary to fruition...Now we move forward, and the fun begins...

We thank those of you that have brought us support thus far just off of our idea tracks... we're looking forward to bringing you our completed project...


The undisputed champion of demise.

When I hear the words "Crystal meth" all it brings to mind is the complete and total devastation that it brings. As much as I would love to just wave a magic wand and take away it's power and control, I can't!

I'm no virgin to the drug world by any means. I've rid myself of a bad coke habit, and a few other ineffective ways I thought would kill the pain. The thing is, recovery was an option with my addictions. (I still drink my beer. I'm not a 10 step program guy.) I see no recovery from Meth. My heart absolutely goes out to the people who (ALLOW) themselves in to that trap. I can't fix you! I don't have a magic wand! I have no choice but to get as far away from you as I can.

Crystal Meth is the undisputed champion of demise. EVERYTHING, will be destroyed in its wake.


Akasha's Diary
Akasha's Diary  (over 4 years ago)

I have to agree, I've seen people waste their lives, their talent, their friends, theirs jobs, and their physical and mental well being with this drug. It's a horribly devastating thing to witness. I'm not one to turn my back on people, but there comes a time and point you realize that the person you are trying to help and believe in is no longer home; so in essence what you are doing is getting trapped in a battle with a drug you have never consumed in the first place, but it's infiltrating your life through this person. So, you end up walking away and giving up because the person you were trying to help has been gone for a long time, it's the drug you are in a battle with.

I am by no means trying to sound like I am on a soap box, I'm just expressing the pain here of having to let go of another friend and fellow musician whom chose to play with hell and ended up getting chained and bound in it's pits. No guardian angel can go there with them without getting burned themselves on some level....


Merle Gregory joins us on Bass

We're happy to announce Merle Gregory joins Akasha's Diary on Bass....Right On!

Things Moving Along

We hooked up with an awesome drummer today and changes are coming with our bass player (to be announced soon) but this is coming together....now this ALL moves forward...are you ready?

About the song entitled "Mary"

The track up of this song is a one time take with me sitting on the floor of my living room playing my acoustic base idea and singing....all done in one take. This is the song in its original written concept; as redundant as this song may sound in this version, and as unsure as the vocals may sound.... please be assured, I have huge plans for this concept with much larger production and much larger vocal plans.... I do feel though if you listen to what the song is about and the words I am singing, the concept itself you'll find intriguing....This is simply what I call the "sketch" before the painting on the medium....


Drummers and acrobats

The drummer search continues. The growing pains according to my experience have just begun. Every ounce of patience and energy put in to this band will be worth its weight in gold. If music was easy, and bands just fell together with out effort everyone would be writing, and recording great material. It takes more than (want to). Want to has to turn in to passion. Only passion will see greatness in any venture. It is what it is! Akasha's Diary WILL see its day. Watch, mark, and enjoy every moment your passion takes you through. Without passion you are trapped in the mundane.