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Festivals are rituals w/Musical component

It's an interesting topic. Someone called me once years ago. Maybe yrs ago 15 and well before the music festival revolution, Burning Man and Bonnaroo, and b4 and the tribal mentality was dissected by the like of Seth Godin and others. I thought about it and was impressed that such a young man was thinking so deeply about something we just did as a lifestyle and maybe took for granted at the time. Or let's put it this was, just so busy building a career, being married and attending to family and home to notice the phenomena that was happening. He was a college student. He told us that he was working on a doc about how the dynamics of live music concert/festival experience brought communities together in a unique and joyful way. He'd attended one of our concerts and felt that vibe of togetherness. This story kind of reminds me of this theory. We get it. We live it! Have for many years now. Peace, love and zydeco togetherness y'all.