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Been a Long Time

Wow, new blog entry! I haven't done this in a while honestly, but I told someone I would start back up. I should be asleep by now and I told myself I would be, but my body ended up keeping me up. So lets begin!

I was reading back at the past blog entries and it is very apparent that I am a dramatic egotistical brooding cynical member of our society. I want to live in the underground but I am stuck to the surface. I will probably be stuck that way but it doesn't mean that there isn't happiness here. Hmm, the definition of happiness could mean the satisfactory completion of your goals on a hopefully ever-increasing scale. But what if happiness meant the attempt of feeling complete, even if never achieving your goals? What if just being meant happiness? I think it can, and I think if we appreciated what we have in life rather what we strive for a bit more, a lot of our problems would be solved. I only know what works for me though, and I only know that half the time, so I guess I would be a horrible spokesperson for our generation.

I see us as walking on a slowing treadmil. Someday this run will come to an end. I honestly don't know how I pulled that line out. It is so hilarious I am going to leave it in there.


What it Takes

So, I know this is early in the morning, and even if it wasn't, not many people wouldn't read this, because lets face it, my blog posts aren't front page headlines. Honestly people I write this to get things out, and if you read it, it makes me feel a million times stronger, but it isn't a requirement. I do these blogs for a artistic outlet, not for attention. If by some chance someone reads these and gets something out of them that is icing on top of the cake. I have been listening to previous bands I have been in, time past, and sometimes I wonder if people actually get what I am talking about and if it reaches anyone. I have always been one to put personal meanings in everything I have ever created. All my successes, failures, mistakes, and believe me, I have made plenty of all. I have never meant harm by anything I have ever wrote, but they have led me down a particular path, with all the joy, the pain, the hurt, the triumph that make me who I am. I do what I can to be the best person I possibly can be, and sorry that isn't for you all, it is for me. I have had a lot of things to be upset about, things that I feel stupid about, and that comes through in my lyrics and music more than the positives, because they are the things that I need to deal with the most. The important thing about it all? They make me stronger, because I learn. I am a firm believer that everything we do in our lives, all our experiences, lead us to being a better person if we let them. That is all I want to be, is a better person. So here recently, I have been pondering, what it takes to be a better person. For people to see me in a good light. What does it take? To be who I am, or who people want me to be? Seems like an easy answer, but it isn't. Being who you are can be hard, can lead you through struggles, lead to misunderstandings and all that comes with it. To know who someone is from the heart, that is the true being that you are. Everything else is a fabrication. That is what I have craved from society, is for those who see me to see my heart, nothing more, nothing less. Basically what I am aiming for is understanding. But I do it so ambiguously. Every lyric I write has a double meaning, and it requires a second take to get what I am really trying to say. Same goes with who I am, I require a double take to really know my true heart. But what does it all mean?

What it means is that I am passionate about very few things.

I am passionate about my music, about what I do, beyond music and everything. Everything I do is to my full potential. I have never meant anything harmful by it but I have caused pain through it, without meaning to. For that I apologize. There are many things that I still have to learn. I have been rebuilding myself for a while now and I am just now getting back to where I need to be. I have had to rebuild myself from the ground up literally for the past few weeks, but I have been rebuilt stronger and better. What hurt and killed me and destroyed me before is gone. This is where the page turns.

So what does it take?

It took all of it. I am prepared now for the road ahead of me, and I can say that for the first time I am ready for everything that can be thrown at me. I am ready to show everyone who I am deep inside and show the whole world that I am here. I have learned from my mistakes and my success.

I am ready to admit that I don't know where the future leads, I don't know the way, but now I know how to find the path, blaze the trail, shatter the two way mirror, no matter the pain or trials ahead. All I have to do is stick around and everything that will happen will be so, and I look forward to the adventure.

Smiles today, and I am ready for the world. It is what it takes.


No one will read this

No one will probably read this. Here I go anyways. It seems we have so many songs just pouring out of our collective minds right now. And going in a very interesting direction that I personally like. We keep evolving, but the LP will be a cohesive story, pay attention and it will make sense. Concepts of death, rebirth, becoming stronger, facing demons head on. No more sleeping in a dream world, facing what is head on. Clawing out of the grave you have been buried in. Having a voice when you aren't able to speak. Retribution. Strength. Taking the darkness and owning the night. All the negativity, all the hatred, owning it and feeding your own fire in your soul with it to make you more. I look forward to the future :) -Casey

Travis Elliott
Travis Elliott  (about 5 years ago)

I love you man.

The Mastering Process - Casey

So the EP is done as far as recording goes, but it still needs a little more mastering. Mastering takes so much more time than the recording process in my opinion. Currently I am trying to get the sound of all the other songs closer to the mix of "Filth" - I don't foresee it being difficult, but probably time consuming. The good thing is we have good quality recordings of all tracks, and anyone who has any experience with the recording process knows that without good recordings, you may as well not even make a mix. Will keep you all updated on the mastering process, the way we move, it won't take long to have an even better sound!

Travis Elliott
Travis Elliott  (about 5 years ago)

Ohh I can't wait to be home man. haha

Destiny - Casey

I guess this is more of me speaking personally than anything. And I do these things late at night so i don't expect many to read this. I've been thinking a lot about destiny, why we are here, what has happened, why we react the way we do in situations we go through. The Human Condition. These seem to come out more in my lyrics now that I look back at them. It is amazing because you can write about one thing and it turns out to be about something completely different.

I don't begin to imagine where destiny takes us. What is meant for us as individuals. But I do know that something is meant to happen, whatever it is. All the groups I have been in have lead me to this point - a progress of my destiny and where it lies, The Way that leads me forward, unshackling my chains every step I go. That was a complete BLC reference BTW. No matter what group I am in I am still the same musician I feel, and it is something that I take pride in. Do I grow? Yes. Do I expand? Of course. But the same musician is there.

I don't feel that people take music seriously as an art anymore. No more listening to albums all the way through. Singles, singles, singles. Music was better when it was an album. Look at Zeppelin, Boston, Rush, The Who. This is what I expect out of Far From Safety, and I believe we will succeed in this aspect. Our music will be an album, not a collection of songs. A return to what music should be. We will do our best to always bring out the best music we can, to fulfill our destiny, wherever it lies.

What do I expect in return? To Sandy Hook, Morehead, Grayson, Olive Hill, all surrounding areas - do you want a band that is out there and you can say you took part in forming their destiny? I personally want you all to believe in us. We can go far, but it will require not just dedication on our part, but massive enormous support from all our fans.

Keep spreading us. Make us your band. A band you can be proud of that you can say "I know them and there they are." Every member in this group is dedicated to the art form of music. Be proud and support us. Make us yours. Our destiny lies with yours.

Kendrick Holbrook
Kendrick Holbrook  (about 5 years ago)

Having been your long-time friend, I've actually seen you progress over the years--but you're still "always the same Casey". I really like your comment about albums--it's so true--contemporary performers (or rather their promoters) are only worried about releasing singles. I miss listening through albums all the way through. I can't wait to hear what FFS brings in the future. Casey, this blog entry almost sounds like it might lead to a song in the future.

Introduction from Casey

Hey guys... I kind of would like to introduce myself. You all probably know me from Bad Luck Camaro (which is another fine band I may add). I am very excited to be a part of FFS and I can already tell this is going to be a lot of fun! I feel like this unlikely marriage will be something very exciting to watch. We have more songs coming down the pipe line faster than you can say "get you on the floor" ;)

Those of you who have followed me through BLC know that I like to promote the hell out of this stuff, and I expect all my BLC followers to support this band and help us along. I promise there will be live shows and merch to purchase. Help us along, spread the word, and enjoy! We can't do it without you all!