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We've all come to regard bankers as greedy, reckless and even corrupt. I think we may have neglected another possible explanation: sheer stupidity. Take this example: a few days ago, somebody made a (very small) lodgement into an account I hadn't used in some time. Later that day, I checked the balance and made a (even smaller) withdrawal. This morning I received a letter from the bank. It informed me there had been a transaction on the account (I knew that. I MADE that transaction). Because there had been no transaction for three years previously, the bank had now deemed the account 'inactive'. If I wanted to 'reactivate' the account, I would have to call into the branch and tell them. So: For the three years that the account had been inactive, the bank deemed it 'active'. But as soon as the account became active, the bank decided it was 'inactive'. Am I missing something here?

Original Mechanical Mouse
Original Mechanical Mouse  (almost 5 years ago)

When they think from a brain that isn't used, because they have no sense, it becomes inactive (which is worse then not merely capable of thought) so they say stupid s#*T like your account is inactive.

scBelle  (about 4 years ago)

Ha Ha ... some things in life just defy explanation ... I think this is one of them.

Janice Watson Gallagher
Janice Watson Gallagher  (over 3 years ago)

I agree on your comment about bankers, I was a head-teller. Bankers are the most corrupt and have more vices then I can even mention. If you want to send me a friend request on my facebook; I am under Janice Watson Gallagher.Thanks

MariaPelu  (almost 2 years ago)

I totally agree. I do not talk about banker in Spain are fed up ... : ( (


Here's another Oulipoan exercise - make poems using only homonyms.

Here's a (not very good) short example

Eye staid awl knight/butt cud knot wrest/eye eight know byte/eye sore know guessed/eye maid know torque/eye herd know heir/eye cud knot rest/width ewe knot their


I've just invented the #Twaiku - that's a 140-character poem. I posted one earlier today, called 'Tides': Earth/Fixes her welling eye/On the bleached white skull/Of her stillborn only daughter/Heaves a sigh/Soon our harbour’s full/Of salt water

Actually, at 32 syllables, it's considerably longer than a haiku, which has only 17.

However, if you want to include the hashtag, that's seven more characters to come out of the count, leaving just 133. My next, and all subsequent efforts, will include the hashtag - otherwise they won't count as #twaiku.