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Writing, recording, writing

Since studio construction is finished I have been writing and recording, so far 24 new numbers and counting ...

Writing, thinking, drinking

I have decided this is the year I get to grips with Logic, learn to play keyboards, produce a solo album and finally teach myself how to do more with the guitar. I have the tools, it's time to use them to greater effect. I am also going to be checking out more Blues and Rock around my home area and maybe, just maybe do a gig or two. At 53 this could be the right time ... LOL!

I have been away from the web for a while working on the new BRIDGEHUNTER album Under Perpetual Repair. Pat and I are really stoked about this album as it has moved us forward from The Other Side, both musically and in writing style. It is also a more upbeat album. Self written, recorded and produced we once more opted for our Las Vegas master studio for the final gloss. The end result is a stunning album. But hey, that's just our opinion.

A few new blues tunes written and I have written further 3 new numbers for either a solo project or the third BRIDGEHUNTER album. Whatever I decide it will be called I AM CROW, all sleeve work is completed. I couldn't help myself and have it all designed.

ghost vermillion is still on the go and we have a new song being released soon commemorating the Dundee Rail Bridge Disaster, it's called Across the Acheron and features the sublime guitar work of Sye (Endless Night) from New Zealand.

The Boyd Allardyce Band progresses and an original number should feature soon. We are in post production with that one. It is called Justified. It may feature in the solo project I AM CROW.

Updated Music Sets on Souncloud

Well added another couple of numbers to my roster of songs, The Great Pretender and a rather tasty version of Tori Amos' CRUCIFY.

Please visit and you will find original solo material along with the full roster of Brothers In Blues, BRIDGEHUNTER, ghost vermillion and Boyd Allardyce Band material, plus a slew of collaborations and my Americana album material. Some of the songs are too large to be up on reverbnation.

Internet radio

Gold radio, playing out of maryland USA played a blues collaboration track that Idid the lyrics and vocals for (1 2 ME 2) and it is really strange hearing your song being played. fantastic feeling as well.

Must get around to promoting the music more.

AC/DC Fans be aware

The birthplace of the legendary Bon Scott, Kirriemuir in Scotland and a group of AC/DC fans, who also run a studio in Kirriemuir, are about to start a global fundraiser for a bronze statue statue of Bon Scott. Their address is below where you can keep up-to-date on all the happenings. www.dd8music.com

Back in the studio we go

Hi all,

BRIDGEHUNTER decided to get the album mastered by a studio in Las vegas, and they have done a blinding job, really bringing the mix even more alive, which i didn't think was possible. Doing the final mix now and then it will replace the version currently available.

Brothers In Blues Release gary Moore Tribute

Gary and I recorded this tribute to the late great Gary Moore, we hope you like it as much as we did playing it.

BRIDGEHUNTER: Debut album on itunes and Amazon.

Our debut album, The Other Side, is due to go live in the next few days available to purchase and download via iTunes and Amazon or stream it on Spotify.

The Lyrics they are a-flowing

Been a busy time writing lyrics, I guess you will all know that when the muse strikes you go with the flow and I hasve completed about 20 new set of lyrics. need to get soem music done next.

Ghost Vermillion is progressing another four new numbers, Black Wings and epic track, Kisses on the Wind a more piano driven number and a couple of others in the mix. Drew is working hard on the music front. Will keep you updated.

Brothers in Blues are writing more boogie blues tunes which should be up within the next few weeks.

BRIDGEHUNTER: I have written almost the ful second album's worth of lyrics and the musical ideas are being honed; this will be another concept album and it is taking shape nicely. Pat and I will get moving more seriously come the Autumn nights.

New Track Just Posted

Been working on a new rock song with Mike Spring, a musician over in Holland. the result is Broken Street.

Currently working on a host of projects, a new BRIDGEHUNTER album, more ghost vermillion material and a cover of Free's The Hunter with Ronnie Boyd across in texas.

Busy, busy ,busy.