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The Nat'nl Poetry Awards 2012 New & Upcoming Poet/Spoken Word Artist of the Year

On August 18, 2012 the NPA announced their winners for 2012. With 80 contestants/20 categories, Twin Cities' own Lovey Dovey Poet herself, Ms. Kimber~Love brought it home. Meet the National Poetry Award Winner of the New & Upcoming Poet / Spoken Word Artist of the year!

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June 1-20th

As mentioned before I have made the finals for "New & Upcoming Poet of the Year w/ www.thenationalpoetryawards.com so please VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Kimber~Love

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New and Upcoming Poet of the Year

Hello everyone... The voting for The National Poetry Awards have officially started and voting is between 03/15~05/15... Please, please do me a favor and vote for me, Kimber~Love as the New and Upcoming Poet of the Year. You can place your votes @ www.thenationalpoetryawards.com --Thank you for your love and support... K~Love :-*


Today He drew near to me, And today I answered Him with the sweetest softest surrender I moan and I humm in agreement To His tenderness and to His faintest whisper I am His afresh, all over again And we belong to each other and that will never end Because I know and trust that He is mine this day From the beginning He’s been a Most Faithful Friend I call Him my Beloved I am known as His betrothed And YES! I am so in love with Him That I could never trade Him in for another You see, my heart is dedicated to be His TRUE LOVER And truly... I say truly... Truly do I love the Lord my God~ and my Redeemer The Spirit of the Bride says COME! The Heart of the Lover says STAY right here! For when the Spirit of the Lord draws me near, Time is lost as I feel the gentle press of His Presence I am surrounded by His glory In Him my soul is resting His love is so refreshing He alone holds my answers And that I count as a blessing So Today, I found myself awake enough To respond to His nudging And I flowed with Him enough To enter another dimension To transfer into the heavenlies Where—there I could see the real me The one not bound by the thoughts of others The one who preaches up a storm of life changing messages The one who wears garments of praise and dance The same who dances carelessly in my own place of worship I saw people I'd soon meet Not by chance But by purpose The right time The right place While holding on to this seasoned word As the Spirit releases me I boldly hold my own fiery Sword Trusting that While in this life And here on this earth I shall live it out with both love and dedication As only TRUE LOVERS fathom

Kimber~Love © 2011


“She whom the Lord sets free is free indeed”. And yes this is what I believe But sometimes I don't feel so free Then they say “that love by itself is a liberator, the true emancipator" God knows I'm trying to catch these lessons sooner than later... Grandmother Poetry Miss Maya Angelou says that "she knows why the caged bird sings"... And while I meditated on these things a thousand and one times I just can't get my mind | to release me Release me from the bars that hold... From those inner bounds that be so invisibly bold... Therefore, I request Let me use my voice and use my pen to document the love I’ve been holdin’ in. In this loveless| friendless generation… But hey I’m just sayin'... While patiently waitin' You see| my daddy's people sang songs to let freedom ring thru love and patience they marched down violent streets And today I wonder| when Will the echo of their love reach the empty hearts of others? Dry the eyes of weeping mothers Can the power of another's sacrifice truly be enough? If only I could hear the pounds of the sound | of the drums from the Sioux people my mother's people A people who lived, sang and danced in this land An ancient nation who practiced love and patience A people who came to a place amongst themselves to honor and respect all others You see, as I look throughout the land I hear Marvin Gaye's reflection | his song asks the infamous question, "What’s Going On". So I just can't lie to myself | sometimes freedom seems like an unsung lullaby And I | I’ve been having nightmares in the day time For it is the falsehoods of freedom, that binds me... And too many times I find myself regarding others more than I regard me... or maybe its just my own pain that reminds me the same that cries inside of me loudly| quietly| openly| constantly! And yes this is enough for me to end every day prayerfully “Dear Lord. Come now and rescue me. Cause my feet to be untangled from the ills of this old world and cause my wings to mount up and take flight as the Eagle would and by faith let this poem proclaim a Freedom that I have never known... And Lord, cause this here poem To bring forth a liberty and a truth That I have been yearning for since the days of my youth A love and a freedom that I've learned be found in You... And so| With my pen in hand and the paper tucked underneath my wrist... By faith I yet speak to my own freedom... no in fact-- I command it I sing it Until all of my existence comes to know it… COME NOW! Freedom and liberty | COME NOW! With new shoes on my feet Dancing to Freedom’s beat While Listening to the Kimber~Love in me Speak I say it In love This way... My freedom and my liberty is here! Kimber~Love © 2011