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Origin of the Donkey

Donkey Punch Music is a solo Musical Side Project by Mason, A.K.A. (No*Mas Ve'Da) and is not an official BAND name. (Chunk) is a collaberator and "live performance" percussionist for the project. DP Music has gone by Donkey Punch, Donkey Punch Power, Donkey Punch Drunk, Donkey Punch Music, Donkey Punch Productions, Dill Pickle Parade, Doubious Pandas, Damn POPO, Drunk -n- Pedestrians, and more. The DP is ever-changing and could mean something different next week, next year,or tomorrow.The web address will stay DonkeyPunchMusic.To those of you who don't know us, and choose to judge us just by our silly name.. well, u are missing out on some fun tunes, videos and art. But To our friends and fans..Thanks always for Your Support!! - DP Music