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Greenfield's Energy Park - Black Moon Music Lounge

....this evening from 6 - 8 I'll be in Greenfield's Energy Park doing sound for the Franklin County Musician's Co-op.....come on out to the park and see Zydeco Connection, Bruce Colegrove, and the Falltown String Band!

Monday night I'll be at the Black Moon Music Lounge in scenic downtown Belchertown, Massachusetts, hosting the best damned open mic in all of Belchertown!.....got a song in your heart, an act to hone, a new tune to try out? .....sign up starts at 7:00 - see you there!

Greenfield's Energy Park

Tonight I'll be up in Greenfield, doing sound for the Franklin County Musician's Co-op (the Coop)....performing tonight will be Michael Patavina, Russ Thomas, and Austin & Elliot......I know it' going to be hot, so bring plenty to drink and enjoy a great outdoor show!.....don't forget tomorrow's "all folked up" show at the Black Moon in Belchertown!...I'll be appearing with Devin & Rae Griffiths and Bruce Colgrove.

"All Folked Up" - June 22nd!

.....the next show in the "All Folked Up" series at The Black Moon Music Lounge (37 State Street - Belchertown, Massachusetts) will be friday, June 22nd. Performing will be: Bruce Colgrove, Devin & Rae Griffiths, and me - Michael Orlen....we're very proud of the success of these shows held on the 4th friday of each month....showcasing some of the best talent in the valley! This month's show promises to be a good one - would be great to see you there!

Shutesbury Athletic Club

....this friday, I return to the Shutesbury AC with Devin & Rae Griffiths.....great food and a wonderful venue in the middle of nowhere.....definately worth the search!

Blue House Cafe

I'll be returning tonight to The Blue House Cafe in Haydenville (just minutes from Northampton)......one of my favorite rooms to play...an intimate venue - great food.....hope to see you there!

Greenfield Farmer's Market

.....last year, I played a farmer's market for the first time....not being a big fan of performing at 9:00AM, I wasn't really expecting much from our show on the Greenfield town common, but teaming up with old friends, Bruce King and Paul Lamoureux and playing "in the round" made this a thoroughly enjoyable outdoor show!.....so much so, that we're doing it again this Saturday, May 26th! Paul will be coming up from the Carolinas to join Bruce and I, and the weather is always GREAT for the Greenfield Farmer's Market!....would be wonderful to see you there!

All Folked Up @ The Black Moon Music Lounge....

....just working on upcoming month's "All Folked Up" shows at the Black Moon Music Lounge in Belchertown, Massachusetts!.....this month's performers will be Greg Alexander, Bruce King and I....I always enjoy sharing the bill with Bruce, and adding Greg Alexander will be a special treat....in June, I will be joined by Bruce Colgrove and Christa Joy....you may know Bruce Colgrove from his work with "Four On The Floor" and if you haven't heard Christa yet, you owe it to yourself to come on down!....joining me in July will be bluegrass guitarist, Keith Tew and a player to be named later...

Pliny Park - Brattleboro, Vermont!

Bruce King and I will be headed back to Pliny Park in downtown Brattleboro once again this summer....you can catch us the evening of July 13th, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.....we'll be the ones making noise in the park to celebrate Art Walk!

"All Folked Up" @ The Black Moon

.....the "all folked up" shows at the Black Moon Music Lounge in scenic downtown Belchertown, Massachusetts have been a tremendous success!....we're repeating this event on the 4th Friday of each month.....this month's show included one of my favorite New England songwriters, Peter Lehnforff, blues legend Ed Vadas, and me!....future performers will include Bruce King, Christa Joy, Sue Kranz, Greg Alexander, Bruce Colgrove, Elvis Presley (just checking to see if you're paying attention), and many more!....I will be posting the May line-up within the next few days.....would be GREAT to see you there!

Sheryl Stanton
Sheryl Stanton  (almost 6 years ago)

I couldn't agree more! What an awesome night of music...I don't plan on missing the next one! You have a wonderful line-up planned...can't wait!

April "All Folked Up" show

This month's "All Folked Up" show at the Black Moon Music Lounge promises to be a great one. I will be joined by one of my favorite New England songwriters, Peter Lehndorf and by blues legend, Ed Vadas....look for our "All Folked Up" shows at "The Moon" on the 4th Friday of each month.....doors open at 7:00, so come on down!....there's nothing on tv - I already checked......