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Blues Dog Inquisition bring home the Prize!

That's right The Blues Dogs Victoriously defended their Title at the 2013 Manchester Community Fair this past week. The boys came out on top yet again! winning the Title and $500 prize Some of the other bands included an original singer/songwriter, and two other full bands. The Undecided were back again with a slightly different line up and a new name. "Sled". other Bands included Formula XY, and acoustic songwriter Nate Down. We had a great time and think that everybody else did too. We will definitely be back next year.

Round 1. Victory!!!

The band left it all on the table at the harbor house. Detroit's Blues Society, blues challenge is officially underway. We where up against some serious talent the other night. The Blues Dogs come out ahead of the pack in the first of three band rounds. We are moving forward to the finals on October 20th. We will be one of eight acts competing in the finals for a chance to represent Detroit at the 2013 International Blues Competition held on the legendary Beale st. Memphis TN. We want to thank everybody who has been consistently showing us love and support. and encourage all of our fans and followers to come out and get the blues on with the Dogs!

The Road to Memphis

The blues band is set to throw down the gauntlet in round 2 of this years Detroit Blues Competition. April 20th at Detroit's own Harbor House.

With the opportunity to represent Detroit at the 2013 International Blues Competition on Beale st in Memphis. past winners, contenders and personal friends include Lady Sunshine and the X Band and the Chris Canas Band. We look forward to steppin up to the stage and giving everything we got. and leaving it all on the stage. Good luck to all the local acts. and we will see you at the finals!

All Hail the Blues

Welcome Back everybody! So much has been happening for the Blues Dogs. We recently performed at Manchester MI summer festival Battle of the Bands and WON 500 Bucks, we also got some very constructive criticism from the judges. We also got the opportunity to be apart of the annual Memphis Blues Festival, (sorry Memphis MI) one day though. it was particularly hot but we stuck it out. the video posted is a small part of our set there. We even got an encore. that was probably the coolest part of the day aside from all the awesome blues. T-bone just turned 30, so naturally there was a giant backyard BBQ to celebrate, we even got to play a couple set, and didn't manage to get the FUZZ called. a special thanks to everybody to showed up. even got to meet half of the Elrod Clan. some from as far as DC. We played a great show for the Ellsworth Lake private community, they really enjoyed the show and promised to call upon us again. what a great feeling!

New additions to the band!!

We would like to welcome Norman (NORM!!!) De Angelis -Rhythm Guitar To the band!