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"My God! I was just thinking 'Coin hasn't blogged in like two months!' I wonder when another one will show up?"

That was yinz about ten seconds ago and then WHAM! Coin Blog appears so quickly it requires an extra two minutes to materialize upon your computer screens; six for dial-up.

IF YOU HAVEN'T HEARD THEN YOU MIGHT NOT DESERVE TO! THREE count'em THREE more shows with the mother of all pants, those supplied by the town. Yes The Town Pants, it was supposed to be crafty but ended up weird, alas it is my fate.

Those hopped up hopping hops-hammerers and the Ceann clan are gonna clash for three days of some serious rockin out from Pittsburgh to Baltimore and Down VA Beach in an effort to most seriously endanger some lives.

OCT 2, 2008

Pittsburgh sees our haphazard crew of misfits performing in the world renown Hard Rock Cafe. After it's demolition earlier in the year due to sonic forces beyond Ceann's control, the HRC has rebuilt! Adding an eleven foot thick wall of titanium alloy may seem a bit extreme to some but little do they suspect! In lieu of a slight mathematical error, Coin drummer and heartthrob Bouncy Scotty Glassy has missed his time portal and, subsequently, this engagement. The void left behind is so large, the lack of mass threatens to tear a hole right through the time-space barrier. Employing some of the greatest scientific minds available in Pittsburgh, Ceann have succeeded in securing one of the greatest plugs of all TIME! JOFFO SIMMONS of the JOE GRUSHECKY BAND will be pulverizing the skins in one of the most efficiently executed drummer swaps since Sweet adopted Richie Onori in the stead of Mick Tucker (though the circumstances are far less tragic). Eleven feet of titanium doesn't seem quite so silly now does it hot-shot!

OCT 3, 2008

Baltimore Maryland will see Coin and the Pants taking on one of our favorite haunts, Mick O'shea's. If you haven't been, then you haven't seen, and sight is the first step toward enlightenment. Or in this case probably twenty beers apiece, which is surprisingly similar to enlightenment; not that we can remember mind you. After the pants have thoroughly lubed up the audience Ceann shall drive it home with a re-assembled original all star cast, similar to how Small Wonder used to set you up for Alf (though they weren't described in such an intentionally disgusting fashion; lube HA! I kill me) Point is, this show'll be totally tacos!

OCT 4, STILL 2008

SOUTHERN VIRGINIA IRISH FESTIVAL!!! Coin and the Pants have gone halfzies on one'a them transforming truck monsters what tears cars apart and shoots fire!! Our goal is to completely take over VA Beach, secede from the Union and create the first ever firehouse subs sponsored nation of Ireland City USA! First, however, we must settle a score with the mad scientist and inventor of the mighty hovering Bodhran, Seamus Kennedy. "Have you no shame!" reads Kenndy's letter of challenge. "No man shall besmirch the great name of Ireland just to eat free Hook'n Ladder subs with 357 sauce!" Okay this is getting silly, the point is Coin, Pants, Kennedy and many more will be playing at said Irish Festival and it might be the greatest event of all time!

So that's it! I'm out of juice for this particular blog and I get juiced all the time, so you can imagine my personal terror right now. Don't say I never did nothin fer yinz guys, cause that's just what I do!