New *STUNNING* MySpace website is up!

Melodic Metal/Rock underground giant MIND-A-STRAY has published a new **KILLER** site at: http://www.myspace.com/mind-a-stray. Check it out NOW – your eyes won’t be disappointed! And your ears then…? As a celebration for our new site we have published not one,, not two,, but *THREE NEW SONGS* there! And they are loooong-awaited by the fans, believe me.. Really diverse presentation with thrash, melodic atmospheres and Metalrock ‘middle-class’ banging. Hit-potential? You’re damn sure there is! Hear it for yourself and make sure! They are the three first ones first in the track list (the rest of the songs being from our 2009 debut album UltiMaterial). Use Facebook? Hell yeah! Check out our famous group MIND-A-STRAY Mansion here http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=9431690475, and please join it for current and instant info on new song updates, new pictures, gigs.. everything! This is a MUST group for everyone wanting to keep metal music alive. Like it says; it’s a Mansion. Hope to see you there! Keep the metal alive and contribute! We sure as hell will do our part.

MIND-A-STRAY debut "UltiMaterial" now available as a REAL CD!

MIND-A-STRAY has finally released their acclaimed debut album "UltiMaterial" as a physical release via ReverbNation! Be sure to order your copy for only $12.98 or about €10! Featuring full 4x4 color graphics and 4-sheet booklet and all. Also in our store there are now t-shirts available for direct order! That's something that you must have if you like our music! There are 2 different kinds of shirts both for men and women so you'll have something to choose from. ~Tommy Dee~