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So "I Don't Know You" will be taken down tomorrow to be rerecorded for the new record. But we can't just leave you with out something new to listen to so... Here a one take live recording of a new song that will also be on the album. We're giving you a chance to listen to it now because it will be available on iTunes soon but only for a very short time and then NEVER again. The plan is to give you some live tracks in order to help fund the new album and get it your ears just a bit faster. Please to enjoy "Sucker for a Broken Heart" - M&TH

I Don't Know You.

We put two versions up! One is the original, the other was sent through an old 1950's 1/4" reel to reel. Which one is your favourite?

New Album

Today we just started recording a few of the songs for our new album, which we hope to release this autumn. We're so excited to be back in the studio!!! Stay tuned for more updates on the recording process, and show dates. Thanks guys!

New Record

Hey folks, we're just weeks away from the release of "Burn It To The Ground". We've posted a sample song on here though, so everyone can get a taste of what's to come. Thanks so much for listening! -Matthew