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New Highs

I have managed to make it all the way to number two on the Tulsa Alt charts and I am so thankful that there has been so many new faces coming to see what I'm about. Well I'm about music and music is a reflection of life. Good or bad, it's all life so thank you so much for sticking with me through the good times and the bad.


Recently I have been playing many more shows in the Tulsa area and I wanted to comment on the local scene from a musician's point of view; Talent is all around this city and I've been graced with being able to play with some of the people I have shared the stage with in the past few months, Cody Clinton, David Castro, Jason Ferguson and For The Wolf just to name a few but none of this could be possible without two things, the venues and the fans! I've had some pretty stellar turn outs and it has a lot to do with word of mouth, reverbnation, facebook and radio support, thanks to booking and promoting agencies like The MusicLynks Network and Axis Entertainment, us writers and musicians can get noticed a little easier and still get paid.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been making these shows worthwhile and there will be many more to come. Keep following for the newest songs and latest concert info!

New Songs!

I've been busy writing all new songs for you the listener and new recordings are soon to follow. Recording is scheduled to begin this week so I'll have something new to share with everyone asap! I've made every song available for download for FREE!! What are you waiting for? Go listen, share and download the tracks today!

Hello Hello

Hey everyone, I'm back in action and playing live gigs with a new set list, a few old songs with a ton of new material so come check out my next show at The Hunt Club in Tulsa on August 23rd!