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The people

How can you feel what the people feel and you have not lived what the people live!!!!???? HUH!!!


All I have is me and my efforts, so until my efforts reach fruition I have nothing, My world is totally created by me and I guess that is the true definition of an artist; We create worlds for ourselves and you can look and listen and visit for a while but if you are not an artist you have to go back to your goverment world and your materialistic Ideals, but we live here and my pain is poetry and my suffering a song for your entertainment. Now aren't you entertained isn't that why you came here!!!!!!!!!!


How can someone sing about suffering and they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth! and then the world adores these con-men. Ben Judah is the real deal a real poor man not just someone singing about it. I am with you in body and spirit! PEACE and LOVE