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Catchin Up

Sorry for not keeping up with upcoming shows and events here for a while. The Trio is still Rockin' and stayin' busy so come out and see us sometime. The CD is getting great reviews so pick one up at the next show.

This week in EKA Trio

A busy week of Birthday gigs coming up. The CD is finished and as soon as I can figure out how to do it again I will put a couple of new songs on here for you. come out and wish me a happy Birthday at one of these shows.

This week in EKA Trio

Odd to have no gigs this weekend but on the bright side I will be going into the studio today with Gibby to get his Keyboard trax laid down. If all goes well the actual recording part of this project will be pretty much done.

This week in EKA Trio

Thursday night we'll be at Tommy TBones Thursday night O'Malley's event. First set will be interesting as Eric has another gig so our Buddy George will be sitting in for him on the drums. The recording is almost done. Just need to get the keyboards and a couple of more guitar parts down.

This week in EKA trio

Great weekend for us. Started out Thurs. in the studio getting the basic trax done for the last 3 originals. Then some great playing with Tbone on friday and as a trio on Sat. It's kinda like having two different bands. Some of the songs are the same but difinately a bit more guitar Jamming without the Keys. Looking forward to going in and doing some more guitar and keyboard trax for the CD this week and hopefully get a good rough mix done to see what we got.

More Recording

This week we will be finishing up the basic track for the CD. 3 new original songs to do and then get T-Bone in to lay down the organ stuff. It's coming soon!