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Recent Shows

Hey Cincinnati country band fans - here's your latest Slim Tempo and The ChangeUps update. We played a couple of great shows recently. First weekend in March we played a fun, rockin' show at Dunker's Sports Bar in Cold Spring - had line dancers, Elvis impersonators and one very charged up cowbell artist. Great time was had by all and we'll be going back to Dunker's in May. Next up we played the 15th annual Pickn N Grinn' party where we brought back the classic country sounds from days gone by. Coming up we will be at Toby Keith's with the always pitch perfect Tana Matz, then opening up for Dallas Moore. Stay tuned for more details and check back for regular new demo's and updated show dates.

Guest Vocalist

Hey Cincinnati band and Cincinnati country band fans...we're excited to annouce our relationship with one of the area's top young singer-singwriters. For speacial select shows we will perform with Tana Matz. If you haven't heard of Tana Matz yet...check her out because you'll hear her soon. Tana has been writing and perfroming from a very early age and has honed her incredible voice to be perfectly suited for both country and country pop. Visit her page at: www.reverbnation.com/tanamatz. Check out our events listings to see this Cincinnati country band performing with Tana Matz.

Grammy Greats?

Grammy's are tonight....this Cincinnati country band could really care less. Last year thank God for Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, otherwise it's generally a parade of "artisists" that don't read music or play instruments. Speaking of playing instruments...check out some of our upcoming dates we posted. First up this year is March 09 at Dunker's. We'll be joined by a very special guest vocalist for this show so keep checking back to find out who.Country's bands in Cincinnati unite!

Super Sunday

Slim Tempo and The ChangeUps fans - it's Superbowl Sunday alright but first...in the studio learning new songs. Halfway through adding another 30 songs or so, half cover half original... all in support of our new relationship with one of Cincinnati's top young singer-songwriters. Stay tuned for announcement on this relationship and some shared dates with her. Go 'Niners.

ChangeUps Back In Action

Hey folks - this Cincinnati country band has enjoyed a nice long break since our last show; but we've used the time to make some changes to the Changeups. For instance: we've added Greg Drew as our new drummer. Greg brings added versatility for us to continue the ChangeUps philosophy of being able to "change up" the set list on the fly. With that, we've added approximately 30 new songs to our catalog. A lot of new country, some more classic rock, and a handful of originals we'll be pumping out. Stay tuned for Slim Tempo and The ChangeUps showdates, we've got some great things in the hopper and will be releasing details soon.