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I see my facebook link quit working I hope I can get it fixed soon

long journey

this was created on wikiloops and I only wrote the words to this but I think it's a great song

jamin old school

remember the days where all that mattered was your music and your girl and that hotrod car and go down to the lake and have a bonfire party or cruise the streets and show off your car...... this is what jamin old school is about a memory of the past and wish we could go back to a fun time.

is that you

this song is about someone in highschool that has a crush on someone but is afraid to make it known, the song mainly says go on take a chance don't find out in twentyfive years that person liked you too

the music

this music i hung on to for over 16 years and i wanted to know if it had what it takes and a good sound so i released it as a just gotta know project and this is how i got the name the lundberg project