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The Distance Between - Bloggings #1

The distance between where I was last year and now is quite astonishing.

Life can get to a point where things feel static, then, as it invariably happens, events occur and situations arise that completely rock the boat, rob you of your hibernation, and force you to try something new, begin afresh. This has certainly been the case for Yours Truly.

Details aren’t necessary here, but my proverbial boat has been rocked as of late, and that is an exceptional thing. I am by no means finished with these hurdles of mine, but I have made progress, and am exuberant with the ideas brimming and swimming in my brain. Hell, these ideas are freakin’ acrobats!

This all being said, I’d like to encourage you, my friends, to pay attention to those dreams lurking in the depths within. Listen closely, because these yearnings are the light inside of you. Life’s true happiness stems from the exploration of those dreams. Some people call it foolish. Others claim it irresponsible or childish.

I call it fulfilling.

I almost forgot to mention – the exploration of these dreams are best when shared …