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Merry Christmas!

Have a beautiful day with who you love more!

Happy new year!!

I wish you all a happy 2013, with all the best you can have!

Merry Christmas - Buon Natale

To everybody merry Christmas!! A tutti quanti buon Natale!

New Song!

I don't know why, I still love you

manca poco ormai alla realizzazione del CD! Ancora un paio di canzoni e poi lavorerò alla stesura finale...speriamo per Natale sia pronto!

Happy birthday WiX

yeah yeah today are 44! Let's party!

Ilaria Song

What I have in mind is... The last songs I still writing are dedicated to some of my friends, that have support me in those last months. They have so much encourage me to do those kind of things, that I call music! So, the first one is a suite song, dedicated to my dear friend Ilaria. Some new will comin' soon...stay tuned!

New songs are comin'

Probably because the inspiration is in the air, or may because I can feel what is inside me, but is a nice time, and things comes out fast and easy. So...why stop all of that? Let see what happen... And Then...Again! Nice weekend to everybody


E' possibile che sia perchè l'ispirazione è nell'aria, o perchè sento particolarmente quello che c'è dentro di me, però è un bel periodo e le cose escono velocemente, facilmente e senza fatica. Allora...perchè fermarsi? Vediamo che cosa succederà. E quindi...ancora! Buon fine settimana a tutti!

Dying in Paradise

Another song done for the new work. This is a return to my roots, with few words spoken, a quiet keyboard and of course my guitar. And, definately, this song is really close to my feelings yet. Listen to the guitar, and may you know what I mean. Bless you all


Then Again

I I want to thank Nicole for this wonderful video of new song written with lyrics by Alessandra. She took charge of an enormous job, going to dig and "steal" of my photos, then mount them with great skill and imagination in this wonderful video! Thanks, you're an Angel

Working on...

After years, I start to write some new stuff. Ok, I know I'm not a pro, may a musician too, but it's ok. That's fun, and is only for fun. Son, in those last months I make this new songs, and sincerely I'm really proud about them, Very diffrent sound, from my start. Obviously, I was young! So, let see where this way will go. In any case is a good experience. Let the sun shine, let the life go, and let the music heal your soul!